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Salamanca Day Trip from Madrid

Salamanca Tour

Madrid Experience will take you on a VIP Tour of the city of Salamanca.

Just as the UK has Oxford, France has Paris, and Italy Bologna, Spain has Salamanca, the country’s oldest University and Europe’s first learning institution to attain the title of ‘University’, which was granted by King Alfonso X, the Wise, in 1252. However, like most of Europe’s first universities, its origins date back to the old cathedral school which existed as far back as 1130. Cervantes himself studied there and it was one of the first European universities to acknowledge the teachings of Copernicus at a time when his theories were considered a heresy against the Christian church.

Our VIP Tour of Salamanca will show you the most interesting spots of Spain’s most beautiful and scholarly city. Madrid Experience will also show you its Plaza Mayor, which was finished in 1755 and is considered by many to be the most beautiful square in all of Spain, as well as many of its churches, cloisters, and historical buildings, such as the House of Shells, the stunning Monterrey Palace, built in 1540 and after which the Monterrey architectural style was named – one of the favourite styles of the Spanish bourgeoisie and aristocracy from the mid nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries – and the Baroque masterpiece which is the Clerecía church, originally known as the Royal College of the Company of Jesus.

We must not forget the gastronomic legacy of the area, which includes delicious Iberian Acorn-fed ham, known as the champagne of hams, whose creation can be understood on a VIP Tour of one of the most famous charcuterie and ham-making factories in the region.

And for lovers of bullfighting, a VIP Tour of a breeding farm for fighting bulls is, without a doubt, a must see.


Duration of a VIP Tour to Salamanca: 10 hours


Visit Spain’s oldest university

Feel the academic ambiance of Castile’s most beautiful city

Admire the façades of Salamanca’s numerous Baroque churches

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Search for the famous hidden frog on the university’s façade

Visit a ham factory and enjoy a VIP charcuterie-tasting event of acorn-fed Iberian ham

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