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Some people find objects from the past irresistible. Whether it is because of the beauty of the piece itself, because of what it can represent, because it brings something in our memory back to life, or, simply, because finding and buying unique objects excite us, the truth is that the past and its icons are an endless source of inspiration for many.

At Madrid Experience we have designed a bespoke VIP antiques tour geared towards those who like to rediscover an object’s past life.

Through this unique experience, Madrid Experience will introduce you to the city’s antique shops, second-hand dealers, and Madrid’s age-old traditions and crafts, which in many cases have transformed themselves for the modern world.

Our bespoke VIP antiques tours are led by the owner of one of Spain’s most renowned interior design studios and they will take us to two of Madrid’s oldest neighbourhoods: El Rastro and La Paloma. There, we will meet the people who live and work in them and gain special access to the areas which make these centuries-old quarters so fascinating.

You will get first-hand knowledge of what goes on at the back of the shop, and in the basements and store rooms of the places specializing in the furniture and antiques which make Spain’s history come alive in a very unexpected way: through its pieces and objets d’art.

Moreover, as part of your VIP experience  you will meet some of the artisans who keep the city’s traditional arts and crafts alive, such as guitar makers and shoemakers. You will also get to know the protagonists of these old neighbourhoods, which successfully mix tradition and modernity.

Madrid Experience invites you to take part in this amazing urban labyrinth for a few hours as part of its bespoke VIP antiques tour.

This unique experience can be booked as either part of a larger VIP tour of Madrid, or as an individual experience.

Sterling experiences

  • Guided tour of El Rastro and La Paloma neighbourhoods
  • VIP access to the shops, backrooms, cellars, basements, and warehouses of select antiques dealers
  • Tours guided by the owner of one Spain’s premier interior design studios, winner of an AD magazine award, and local antiques dealers
  • A light snack is included with your VIP tour. In the morning this will be Ibérico ham and a glass of red wine; coffee and pastries in the afternoon.


Visit art warehouses and discover objects not available to the general public

Browse through the best antiques shops in Madrid alongside a professional interior designer and antiques dealer

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TEL. +34 915 417 099 | +34 644 355 651

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