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Private Tour of Toledo from Madrid


Toledo Private Tour.  Our Private Tour of Toledo will show you the elegance and serenity of the ancient capital of Visigoth Spain. We will stroll leisurely through the city’s medieval streets, whose layout has remained undisturbed for centuries, and visit the ancient mosques, synagogues and churches which earned Toledo the name of the ‘city of the three cultures’. Our bespoke tour will also take in the artistic legacy of people like Goya, Van Dyck, and, of course, the city’s most famous artist: El Greco.




Private Tour of Toledo: Feel the magic


The city of Toledo sums up the whole history of Spain.

Toledo has more than 3500 years of history. Through our Private Tour of Toledo you will see that its strategic location (in the center of Spain) and being bordered by the river have made it the capital of civilizations and kingdoms throughout the centuries.

Toledo was founded by the Romans, some 200 years before Christ, and in the 6th century AD was chosen as the capital of the Visigothic kingdom (the civilisation after the fall of the Roman Empire). Toledo was also the capital of Muslim Spain and after the Christian Reconquest with the reign of Charles V.




Private Tour of Toledo: It’s Golden Period


The Middle Ages were the golden age for Toledo and its boom in astrology, astronomy, medicine and the school of translators. Today, Toledo is a compendium of this historical and artistic wealth of Spain over the centuries.

Toledo is known as “The city of the three cultures”, as between the years 711 and 1085 a spirit of tolerance reigned which allowed the peaceful coexistence between Christians, Jews and Muslims in respect and peace.

Through our Private Tour of Toledo, feel, smell and perceive that mixture of cultures that have blended together harmoniously. Toledo currently has two Synagogues, one from the 12th century and the other from the 14th century, with Muslim remains from the 7th,10th and 11th centuries and many important churches such as the Primate Cathedral of Spain (the main one in Spain).

The gastronomy, music and architecture in Toledo are witnesses of the cultural fusion of the Arab, the Sephardic Jewish and Christian influences. Walking through Toledo (one of the largest historic centres in Europe), is to see, hear and feel in the air and on the skin all these centuries of history.




Toledo is a magical city


It is a dream. A living city.

In the 16th century, Toledo’s decadence began and this plunged it into a “bubble of oblivion” that makes it still such a unique and beautiful city today. Discover with us with a private tour of Toledo its narrow and labyrinthine streets that speak of magic and legends at every step. Streets that whisper poetry and literature. Landscapes that remind us of great works of art and walls that smell of history.




Visit Toledo with a private guide


We not only offer you a Private Tour of Toledo, but a real experience to discover the essence of this city and its most forgotten corners.

Toledo has more than 3500 years of history and is an exciting and beautiful city. Having a private guide will help you travel back in time and make the most of your time and your stay in Toledo.




Private Tour of Toledo: Must see’s


  1. The city’s thirteenth century Cathedral, built mostly in the Gothic style but with elements of the Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque styles, and taking in its famous altarpiece known as ‘El Transparente’.
  2. El Greco’s artistic legacy, with a visit to the El Greco Museum and the church of Santo Tomé, where we can admire one of his universal masterpieces: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.
  3. Toledo’s arts and crafts, which specializes in damascene wares and its famous steel swords, as well as jewellery and pottery.




Aside from a Toledo Private Tour you may also be able to:





Duration of the VIP Tour of Toledo: 7 hours

Recommended attire: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen



We would love to show you Toledo and transmit our passion for this beautiful World Heritage city.  Experience with us its echo and the kindness of its people.

Live, feel and dream Toledo with us thorugh a Toledo Private Tour!


Imagine a city where Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in peace for three centuries

Admire the unique style and mysticism of El Greco

Learn to make marzipan and enjoy it straight from the oven

Enjoy Toledo’s fabulous cuisine

Visit a unique World Heritage wine cellar with over 3,000 wines from all over the world

Take in one of Spain’s most idyllic views: Toledo from a distance

Visit the largest damascene-work factory in the town and learn about this ancient craft

Enjoy a select wine-tasting event

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