Granada Private Tour visit La Alhambra

VIP Tour of Granada

The beauty and perfection of La Alhambra

VIP Tour Granada. We will take you back to the thirteenth century to the time of the palatial Andalusian city. Marvel at the splendour of a lavish complex of palaces, exquisite gardens and the fortress which make up the Alhambra. A veritable citadel within the city of Granada, where the Nasrid monarch, his family and court lived in luxurious surroundings. The Alhambra is an extraordinary place which cannot be missed.

Many have said that there are not enough words to describe the beauty of the Alhambra, a monumental complex which has been a source of inspiration for poetry, music, film and innumerable love stories.

Madrid Experience takes you to visit its spectacular gardens, understand their design and precise engineering. Learn about the importance of water and its divine significance, and the sacred geometry found in nature whose patterns were followed and built into the Nasrid architecture of the era.

Our VIP Tour of Granada will take you to visit the Nasrid palaces, the Alcazaba, Mexuar’s patio, the Gilded Room, Comares Tower, the Court of the Lions and Charles V’s palace, as well as the verdant woods of the Alhambra.

Present-day Granada is a beautiful city benefitting from a strong artisanal community of master craftsmen, giving the impression of a city suspended in time: you can still hear the sound of its fountains and bask in the heady fragrance of orange blossoms; its markets still exude the smell of embossed leather and the scent of exotic spices used in the most succulent dishes. Be enveloped in the traditional atmosphere of a genuine hammam.

Madrid Experience will take you to Granada’s cathedral and the tomb of Isabella and Ferdinand, the Catholic Monarchs, who unified the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon and thought of Granada as their most precious jewel.

Let us show you the best this beautiful city has to offer. We will take care of every detail of your VIP Tour of Granada.

Aside from designing your own private tour of the city, we can also surprise you with a visit to a workshop where artisans still emboss leather, and for those with exquisite tastes we can take you to one of Spain’s caviar farms, located about an hour from the city.

Let us create the best luxury experience of the city with our VIP Tour of Granada.


Be amazed at the Alhambra, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world

Enjoy the beauty of the Alhambra at dawn

Visit the royal chapel and feel the legacy of the Catholic Monarchs and their past victories

Enjoy a traditional hammam

Try some the best ice cream in Spain

Take part in a leather workshop

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