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Judaism at The Prado Museum

Jewish Paintings in Madrid

The history of Art in the West has always benefitted from having the Bible as an endless source of inspiration.

For centuries, artists have drawn on Biblical themes and stories to depict their religious devotion, or that of their patrons, and a perfect example of this are the many depictions of Jewish life, and Judaism in general, gracing The Prado museum’s collection.

Because we share this interest in Jewish life, and Spain’s Sephardic past, Madrid Experience has designed a VIP tour of The Prado, one of the most famous museums in the world, where the Old Testament, its episodes and protagonists, become the focal point of this artistic expedition.

In this bespoke tour, Madrid Experience will show you some of The Prado museum’s greatest paintings, taking a special interest in one of history’s most dramatic periods: the persecution staged by the Inquisition. Its impact on the art world was well recorded and artists such as Francisco Rizi, one of Spain’s masters of the Baroque, is a good example of this.

Our bespoke tour will also take in one of the world’s most famous masterpieces: Las Meninas. We will discern the truth behind Diego Velázquez’s purported Jewish heritage.

Join Madrid Experience on this VIP Tour of The Prado museum which has been specially designed with Jewish history and culture in mind, and learn more about one of the world´s most passionate and inspiring art collections.


Discover the world of Judaism at The Prado Museum’s art collection

Admire the paintings that depict the most important scenes of Judaism and the Old Testament

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