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Madrid XIX Century Tour

The Romanticism Period in Madrid

With Madrid Experience’s VIP Tour of XIX Century Madrid you will see and discover life as it was lived in this century filled as it was with inventions, beauty and amazement.

From the executions of May 2nd after Napoleon’s invasion in 1808 to the foundation of a modern European state, filled with buildings which are representative of the era, such as the Spanish Parliament, Madrid’s Stock Market or the Bank of Spain, the XIX century strongly influenced Madrid’s modern aspect.

And it is hard to understand this century without touching upon the cultural and political movement which originated in Germany and the UK towards the end of the XVIII and lasted until the middle of the XIX century known as Romanticism. This period became a reaction against the rationalism of the Enlightenment and Classicism, where feelings were prioritized above all else. The Romantic movement represents a break with the Classicist tradition and influenced all the arts, from music to politics, and from fashion to architecture.

This VIP Tour of XIX Century Madrid will take you back in time, letting you taste the typical dishes of the era as well as showing you the most representative buildings and ideas, such as the Romantic Museum, the favorite restaurants of the Spanish aristocracy and bourgeoisie, the Fashion Museum, where you will see the different fashions worn throughout the century by both men and women, as well as other key buildings of the time.



Travel back in time and relocate to an era of beauty and balance: the XIX century

Visit some shops from that time which are still running

Visit the home of a bourgeois family of the era and enjoy the century’s beauty canons, home decorations and furnishings, fashions, and customs

Try some of the specialties in Madrid´s first haute cuisine restaurant

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