Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham Tour


VIP Tour of the Acorn-Fed ‘Ibérico’ Ham Route in Salamanca


Madrid Experience gives you the chance to learn the secrets of Spain’s Ibérico ham. This VIP Gourmet Tour dedicated to Ibérico ham will take you to the province of Salamanca on a chauffer-driven luxury car which will pick you up at your hotel and take you back there.


With Madrid Experience’s unforgettable VIP Gourmet Tour of Salamanca, dedicated to Ibérico ham, you will be submerged in the world of this delicacy, world-famous for its succulent taste, quality and exclusivity.


As part of its VIP Gourmet Tour, Madrid Experience will take you to one of the most famous, and exclusive, Ibérico ham and charcuterie factories in Spain, where you will learn first hand about the production process of this exclusive pork-derived delicacy.


Madrid Experience will organize a VIP private tasting session of Iberian charcuterie where you will taste the best hams and cold cuts in Spain, taking a further step into Spain’s gourmet culture.

As part of the VIP Goumet Tour of Salamanca, dedicated as it is to ham, Madrid Experience will drive you to the famous “Museum of the Cold-Cuts Industry“, located in the town of Guijuelo, from where you will also be able to visit a farm where pigs of the Ibérico breed are raised and fed.


After visiting Guijuelo, your chauffer will take you to Salamanca, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and famous for its University, the Plaza Mayor, Monterrey Palace, and its many churches and cloisters.


As part of the VIP Goumet Tour of Salamanca you may also chose between being driven back to Madrid or stay one more day and enjoy a Wine Day in the Ribera del Duero region, where you will be able to taste that precious drink, surrounded by the most exclusive vineyards and cellars before going back to the Spanish capital.

Let Madrid Experience surprise you and design a VIP Goumet Tour dedicated to the best acorn-fed Ibérico hams. A bespoke Tour in Salamanca.


Visit a ham factory and learn how the best hams are made

Enjoy a VIP tasting of corn-fed Iberian ham and other charcuterie

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