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Madrid, and Spain in general, has an impressive array of shops and boutiques, offering the best in global luxury brands, as well as renowned local and unique designers. Gorgeous, traditional crafts made exclusively in Madrid by homegrown artisans. And for a tried-and-true shopping experience there’s also an outlet on the outskirts of the city to meet all of your retail desires.

Spain is a country of quality design and manufacturing.

With Madrid Experience, you can enjoy specially-designed shopping tours just for you, and your tastes, requirements and availability. We’ll take you to the best that Spain has to offer.

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Shopping with Personal Shopper

From the hand of our personal shopper you will learn to combine textures, colors, styles and use your physical characteristics to choose the clothes that best suit you depending on the occasion and the season. Take this knowledge with you forever. Something that is just for you.

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The best in shopping experiences

We offer exclusive trips delivering private tours of luxury brands, tailored to theme and preference of your choosing, such as luxury French brand shopping experiences, shopping for luxury creative fashion, exclusive shopping tours in original century-old shops and exploring the work of local designers.

Our special tours are built on our extensive network of contacts and collaborations with the most premium boutiques and global and local brands in Madrid, as well as our commitment to delivering the best for you. Our experts will guide and advise you and ensure that you receive the most exclusive and unique service during your stay in the city.

Are you charmed by antiques?  We will take you to connect with the best antique dealers where you can enjoy their private collections full of compelling works of art, guided by a professional connoisseur and interior decorator.



Shopping VIP Madrid

Madrid is undoubtedly a city of fashion, inviting you to discover, and revel in, the best luxury stores accompanied by your very own personal shopper. They will advise and guide you through each store, answering any questions you have, and teaching you all there is to know about textures, styles and colours.

We also offer you the opportunity to discover exclusive fragrances in the leading and most chic perfumery of the capital, test and explore all of the deluxe perfumes before choosing the one to take home, that compliments you and your style.



Shopping in Spain

Madrid and Barcelona combined, boast the largest network of luxury brands; including local products of the highest quality in the Iberian Peninsula.

From the throws and tapestries of Grazalema and Ezcaray and the leather work of La Mancha Andalusia, to the iconic acorn Iberic ham and the high-quality wines from all Spain’s wine regions, as well as the country’s finest olive oil… All of these combined is what awards Spain with the title of one of the world’s best shopping meccas.

So, come and savour the Madrid Experience, allowing you to enjoy bespoke shopping tours tailor-made to your tastes and needs, before taking a piece of the country home with you with specially designed pieces from local artists that you will not find anywhere else.

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