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Madrid to Segovia Day Trip

Segovia VIP Tour

Segovia VIP Tour.  Segovia is a medieval city taken from a fairy tale. It is easy to be transported  to ancient extinct kingdom affixed in time; with a dream castle, palaces, a great aqueduct, magnificent views, knights in armour, maidens and crowned queens crowding it’s magical streets.


Segovia is one of the most beautifully preserved cities in Spain and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1985.


Segovia is unique because of its impressive 15 km Roman aqueduct which is more than 2000 years old, its very well preserved old town, the facade of its houses with their peculiar “esgrafiados” and its famous Alcazar. This castle has inspired millions of visitors such as Walt Disney, who fashioned his tale Snow White after visiting this city.


The old town of Segovia has 17 Romanesque churches (11th – 13th century), an important number of 15th and 16th century monasteries and an old city that contains palaces, 15th and 16th century noble houses, an old Jewish quarter and its main synagogue. Segovia is heir to a great historical and artistic legacy without equal.


There are also numerous attractions that are not frequented by tourists such as the Casa de la Moneda y el Timbre (where coins were minted in the past), the tomb of San Juan de la Cruz who made great contributions to Christian philosophy, the Church of the Vera Cruz which is run by the Order of Malta and is said to be one of the few active Templar churches, the Monastery of El Parral, the cave of Santo Domingo and even a whisky distillery.




Main attractions in a Private Tour of Segovia


We specialize in personalized tourism and would be happy to design your private tour to Segovia according to your interests, preferences and time availability. The main attractions that are usually included in a Private Tour in Segovia are:

-The Roman Aqueduct, almost 15 km long, with 166 arches, 120 pillars, 20,400 pieces of granite and a channel at the top through which water flows at 30 liters per second.

-The Knights’ Quarter

-La Judería

-The Alcazar (The castle) that was once home of the Catholic kings, which although it has been rebuilt is a great work and example of medieval architecture

-The Cathedral

-The old city with its Romanesque churches, famous houses and emblematic squares.




What you should not miss during your Segovia VIP Tour


  • The Roman aqueduct dating from the first century AD.
  • The Cathedral, of late Gothic style which took 200 years to complete.
  • The Alcazar (from the Arabic name al-qasr meaning castle). A castle taken from fairy tales. It inspired Walt Disney to design Snow White’s castle. This castle was the former home of the Catholic kings: rebuilt in the 13th and 14th centuries and much of it burned down in 1862 and restored.
  • Its houses, squares and churches have great charm in Mudejar, typical Castilian, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.




Segovian gastronomy during your Segovia VIP Tour

Segovia is the gastronomic capital of Castile. We suggest you to eat in one of the most prestigious and oldest inns in Segovia where you can enjoy the specialties of the region. The inns that are known for the best suckling pig in the city are: Cándido, Duque and José María, although there are more local restaurants offering local specialities.

During your visit you will be able to taste traditional dishes and delicacies such as roast suckling pig with denomination of origin, suckling lamb, farmhouse beans, Castilian soup, lamb stew, Valsaín trout and for dessert the famous “Segovian punch” covered in almond marzipan.




Unforgettable experiences in Segovia

Hot air Balloon Ride in Segovia


A Hot air Balloon Ride in Segovia is an unforgettable experience. An experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Enjoy one of the best views and the splendor of Segovia from the clouds.  Bask in the sunlight and enjoy its first rays first thing in the morning. Fly, if the wind is in our favor, towards the Alcazar of Segovia and admire one of the most admired medieval castles in Spain. Discover from above the “lady of the cathedrals” as she is known for her splendour and sobriety. Marvel in the distance the aqueduct of Segovia and capture these moments of beauty forever.

After landing, we will organize a short country breakfast and Spanish champagne, after which you can discover the city on a Private Tour to Segovia with one of our guides.

The balloons have a maximum capacity of 8 passengers but we also offer a balloon ride for two. Balloon flights are only available at first light. At dawn but we will take you and your group in a private car with a driver.

You can complement your Private Tour in Segovia with:

This tour has an approximate duration of 8 hours but we can design a tailor-made tour of Segovia and combine it with other attractions and experiences to make your visit to Segovia unforgettable. We propose the following options:


El Escorial Monastery Tour

The 15th century Gothic-Mudejar style castle of Coca

– La Granja de Felipe V, known as the Spanish Versailles.

The walled city of Ávila and the steps of Santa Teresa de Ávila

The most famous vineyards and wine cellars in the region




Virtual Tour of the Alcazar of Segovia


We invite you to take a virtual tour of this beautiful medieval fortress and the former castle of the Catholic Kings. Let yourself be seduced by what awaits you in Segovia. We are waiting for you in our Private Tour to Segovia.

Segovia VIP Tour

We would be delighted to be your host in Segovia and in Spain, and to design a Segovia VIP Tour for you.


Travel back in time to a forgotten kingdom populated by knights, princesses, knights Templar and medieval legends

Admire the city´s Alcazar, a medieval castle said to have inspired Walt Disney

Visit the city´s imposing cathedral and admire its artworks

Taste some of Castile’s gastronomic delights, including its famous suckling pig which enjoys and appellation of origin

Admire the city´s perfectly-preserved Roman aqueduct as it has crossed the city for over 2,000 years

Know about the stories surrounding one of the most famous monarchs of all time: Isabella of Castile, on of the Catholic Monarchs

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