Private Art Tours in Spain

Madrid is not simple the capital of Spain, it’s an art capital.  Please explore our Art experiences you can enjoy with us. Discover the art this magnificent capital has to offer.

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The Secret Language of Art

Madrid Experience organizes a different and unique tour of Madrid’s Prado Museum: a VIP tour centred on the hidden language of art. Of all our tours, this is the only one that comes with a parental advisory…

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Art in Madrid

Through our Private Art Tours, you will visit the museums, revel in both the permanent and temporary art exhibitions, and admire the works that touch and inspire you.

Today Madrid is a city bursting with art thanks to the personal collections of the Kings of Spain. From Carlos I (and V of Germany), who was advised by his sister Maria of Hungary and later Felipe II and Felipe IV, began the beautiful tradition of collecting art. Thanks to their commitment and passion Madrid has enjoyed a variety of art for centuries, and a multitude of works and collections from the best painters of every era across the world.

We promise to design an art tour, custom-made for you. Whether you want to focus on one museum especially, or whether you want to experience the allure of the three main museums in one private tour, or a detailed tour of Bosco, Sorolla, Velázquez, Goya, Dalí or Picasso. Whichever your preference, whatever your interest; we can offer you a personalised art experience.



Private museum tour in Madrid

Discover some of the most important museums in the city, lead by one of our art historians, and observe the charm of each one. As well as three incredibly famous museums there are also lesser-traversed, but equally as engaging, museums such as the Sorolla Museum-House and the Lázaro Galdiano Museum.

The museum with the highest acclaim is the Prado Museum, known for housing the Royal collections that began with Felipe II under one roof, and for the works that have been bought by the state or donated. The most visited museum, however, is the Reina Sofía Museum.



The Prado Museum

The Royal collections have formed what many scholars consider the best painting museum in the world: The Prado Museum. This museum gathers pieces of celebrated artists and is home to the largest acquisition of works by Jerónimos den Bosch and Titian in the world.

Great masters have passed through Prado to study and learn from the techniques of Rembrandt, Velázquez and Bosch, therefore Prado is also considered a museum-school for those committed to their art.



The Reina Sofía Museum

This museum is home of Picasso’s remarkable Guernica and other works of the renowned artist.

Here you can also appreciate pieces by influential Spanish artists such as Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró. It also boasts a vast collection of modern art; with very important works by Miquel Barceló and Juan Muñoz. The Reina Sofía museum is currently the most visited art museum in Spain, surpassing the Prado, and holds the title of eleventh highest revered in the world.



The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum

This is a gallery born from the private collection of Barons Thyssen. It’s an artistic overview; from medieval to contemporary art, of which you can take a tour, including prominent pieces by Joan Miró and Monet.

This private collection was eventually bought by the Spanish government to combine the works of the other state art centres. These three museums – the Prado Reina Sofia and Thyssen Bornemiszma – form what is called “the art triangle”.



Madrid Museum Tours

 The official guides you’ll have on our private tours are not only passionate about art but are also accredited art historians.

Visit these Museums and cultural centres as part of our private and personalised tours, and let yourself be inspired by their enthusiasm and knowledge.

We take care of ensuring that access to these museums is offered privately to you so that we can promise you the most exclusive art experience in Spain. You’ll also enjoy a cocktail before or after your visit, for that special touch.



Private art tours of Madrid

Discover museums and cultural centre that simply wouldn’t be the same if you discovered alone, galleries away from tourists, displaying masterpieces from the art world.

Lázaro Galdiano, where we can find prints and drawings from prestigious art magazine Goya, works by El Bosco, del Greco and Murillo among many other important artists, is one of many renowned galleries in Madrid. It’s home to a collection of various pieces including ceramics, jewellery and carvings.

Our guides accompany you at all times in your language to tell you about the artists, their lives and the fascinating stories behind their work. We vow to make your art experience unique and personal.



Private art experiences

We invite you to get to know the great Sorolla by touring this acclaimed painter’s home and viewing his works, guided by a descendant of the painter himself.

You’ll see photos of his family, pieces of the artist and listen to tales of his inspiration, technique and life.

What we are confidentially able to offer you are completely unique and tailored experiences, whether you’re interested in tours such as the hidden symbols found in the art in the Prado Museum or a contemporary art tour across the city. We organise private visits outside of public opening hours to secure complete exclusivity.



Tailor Made Art Experience

We design the best Custom art experience specified to your availability and interests in Madrid’s art offerings. By having a knowledgeable and experienced host will allow you to have the most in-depth and personal art experience available, promising you a tour you’ll be talking about for years.

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