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Bullfighting Tour in Madrid


A Tour Dedicated to the World of Bullfighting

With Madrid Experience’s VIP Bullfighting Tour of Madrid you will discover the essence of a millenary tradition which has in the capital one of its main architectural exponents: the bullring of Las Ventas.

On this tour you will learn everything related to this artistic expression which is closely related to the city –in Madrid’s province there are around 20 farms dedicated to breeding fighting bulls– and whose origins hark back thousands of years to Ancient Greece. Think of the Minotaur!

Critics, professionals and fans have always said that to ‘make it’ in bullfighting, you have to ‘make it’ at Las Ventas, the world’s most important bullring and one of its largest. Madrid Experience will take you to see this beautiful building as well as the Museo Taurino, the bullfighting museum, were you will be immersed in the cultural keynotes of this millenary –and very Spanish– art form, one to which artists such as Picasso or Dalí dedicated many of their works.

The Bullfighting Tour will also take you to one of the city’s main bullfighting bars, where you can have a drink and enjoy some tapas. And if you want to live a bullfight up close, Madrid Experience will take care of the tickets and will appoint you an expert to accompany you on the day and who will tell you everything you need to know about the world of bullfighting, its symbols, customs, etc.

We have a real VIP Bullfighting experience at a Bull Farm and other related experiences. Please contact us.


Duration of the Bullfighting Tour: approximately 3 – 4 hours.

Recommended attire: Comfortable shoes, solar protection.



Visit one of the most famous bullfighting rings

Visit an important bull ranch and come into contact with these magnificent animals

Visit a typical bar for us to explain you how this tradition has become part of our life

Visit a private collection of “lights-suits” (torero suits)

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