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Street Art Tour Madrid

Graffiti Tour Madrid

Have you ever stopped to analyse what is drawn on the walls of a large city? Have you noticed the drawings and motifs which are repeated on the streets? Do you know how, and why, they are made? Madrid Experience invites you to discover the beauty of the Spanish capital’s ephemeral urban street art, an artistic and dynamic expression filled with feeling and passion.

Our VIP private tour of Madrid’s ephemeral urban art will show you the city’s most alternative side. Live a unique and surprising experience which will open your mind and show you how important it is to walk about a city with your eyes wide open.

Madrid Experience will ensure you don’t miss a single detail and we will let you become a graffiti artist for a day.

This new artistic experience will help you to better comprehend urban art with the help of a graffiti artist. You will no doubt be surprised to learn about the nuances which make up these veritable open-air masterpieces and which you might have not otherwise analysed, or noticed, before.

You will now acquire a first-hand knowledge of the details and hidden meanings which rest on the Spanish capital’s street lights, walls, benches, sidewalks, roofs and manhole covers.

After being acquainted with this exciting art form, thanks to our knowledgeable guide, we propose you participate in an exclusive VIP stencil workshop, where you will become a graffiti artist for a few hours.

Madrid Experience offers you the chance to create your own “stencil” and leave your mark on a wall in one of the city´s most alternative and vibrant areas.

Join us in this VIP Tour of Madrid’s most alternative side with a bespoke experience designed around you and the beauty behind urban art.

Our associate street artists will reveal some of their best-kept secrets and you will discover areas and urban spaces far removed from the usual tourist routes, but firmly placed at the heart of the street art movement.


Become a graffiti artist for a few hours and create your own stencil

Learn to read the city’s urban art

Our guide will help you to start paying attention to the details and symbols which nobody sees

Start to admire and understand this ephemeral urban art

Gain access to a real alternative spot filled with street art

INFO@MADRID-EXPERIENCE.COM    |    TEL. +34 915 417 099    |    +34 644 355 651

TEL. +34 915 417 099 | +34 644 355 651

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