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Madrid Experience will take you on a VIP Tour of Old Madrid where you will learn about the history and secrets of this old Castilian town.

As whimsical as it is beautiful, Madrid belongs to that group of cities which were chosen to be a capital city. It was King Phillip II who, in June 1561, moved his court from the ancient city of Toledo to what was then a small Castilian town. Its pleasant climate and geographical location, placed almost in the center of the Iberian peninsula, made Madrid the ideal place from which to rule a global empire.

Ever since then, the Royal art collections of the different dynasties which have reigned over Spain have been housed there, turning Madrid into one of the cities with the largest artistic heritage in the world. In spite of wars and invasions, Madrid has always been linked with the world of art and good taste.

Modern Madrid is a city which has grown very quickly from the start, following the trends and styles of all the eras it has lived through, and the city’s old quarter is the neighborhood most closely associated with Spain’s first foreign dynasty: the Habsburgs.

Madrid Experience offers you the chance to get to know the old quarter’s exclusive and most historical areas with our VIP Tour of Old Madrid.

Old Madrid represents the essence of the city. Known by the Spanish as ‘Madrid de los Austrias’, or Austrian Madrid, in a clear reference to the central European family to which Phillip II belonged, this area boasts some of the most important historical buildings in the city, such as the Royal Palace, the Royal Theatre, and the Plaza Mayor, where Royal, civil, and religious events were staged for centuries. This old neighborhood is home to some beautiful squares, stores going back a couple of centuries and which have survived the passage of time, cloistered convents, taverns filled with history, and unique restaurants, including the one Guinness Book of Records declared to be the oldest restaurant in the world still serving food.

With our VIP Tour of Old Madrid, you will go back in time and enjoy a close-up encounter with the history and legends of the city, and taste some of the city’s culinary specialties.

Madrid Experience will take you to see the Royal Palace, the official residence of the King of Spain, where you will see its main State Rooms, such as the Throne Room, as well as some rooms not normally open to the general public.


Capture the distinctive flavour of Madrid: passionate, cultured and as rebellious as no other city

Gain access to halls and compounds of the Royal Palace not open to the public

Enjoy the thrill of the best flamenco tablao in the country and savour its haute cuisine

Explore corners, squares and palaces frozen in time in Old Madrid

Enjoy handmade products crafted in centuries-old artisan shops that you will only find in Madrid

Admire the magnificent works which make up the collection of the Prado Museum, one of the best art galleries in the world

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