Hero simbolos ocultos arte prado

The Secret Language of Art at Prado Museum


Madrid Experience organizes a different and unique tour of Madrid’s Prado Museum: a VIP tour centred on the hidden language of art. Of all our tours, this is the only one that comes with a parental advisory…

Some people think that art is just about an image on canvas that was painted following one style or another. That a portrait was commissioned just to please the sitter, capture his or her beauty and, somehow, their personality and social standing.

However, nothing happens in art just by chance, and our art specialist will show you how to read between the lines, unveiling the language behind a sketch or the message hidden in a particular composition. The true meaning of an egg placed next to a young woman, or a swan’s neck within a classical composition. They are all part of a secret code which only a few people are able to decipher.

Many of the works of art we will see were commissioned by sect leaders, religious groups or secret orders, who wanted to convey hidden messages, or preserve a censurable tradition. It is here where symbols, forms, postures, composition and several other visual aids take on a special importance. These ‘confidential’ messages could only be understood by key people and they were represented in a way that was subtle enough to follow the religious and social tenets of their time. In many cases we are talking about the work of masters such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens and even Velazquez.

Madrid Experience’s Secret Language of Art Tour will make you look at paintings differently. You will start to see the things only few people can discern today.

If you are looking for an activity that will turn a corporate event into a memorable experience, Madrid Experience’s Secret Language of Art Tour has been designed to amaze your colleagues and clients and to give them a different perspective when looking at art.

General information

Duration of the Secret Language of Art Tour: approximately two hours.

Recommended attire: comfortable shoes.



Be awed by the occult language which is hidden in several of the Prado Museum’s artworks

Learn about the artworld’s secret messages from a world-expert in symbology

Enjoy a different and secret art route

Discover how artists such as Boticelli and Velazquez incorporated secret messages or hidden ideas into the canvas

Turn a corporate event into a memorable occasion

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