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When we referring to the VIP Tours and the Exclusive Experiences we are known for organising in Spain, we have several success stories to share.

We have offered our services to U.S. politicians, international CEOs, groups attending conferences and conventions, Hollywood stars and other VIP celebrities.

Madrid Experience organises made-to-measure trips with very diverse themes, interests and needs. These have included spiritual trips with an emphasis on mysticism, gastronomical trips focusing on molecular gastronomy, avant-garde cuisine, exclusive wines or trips around Spain’s main cities.

We pay great attention to detail, as well as to our client’s emotions and sensations to ensure they enjoy an experience they’ll remember their whole lives. We take our clients to exclusive venues such as wine cellars, private palaces and palace halls which are not open to the public. These are the kind of experiences money can’t buy.

To give you an idea of the events we have organised, we offer you the chance to read about three of our success stories; each was organised under different circumstances and with different objectives.

Exclusive Luxury Experiences

Distinguished clients from a financial institution in Asia

This client likes to organise a luxury trip every year for its best clients. On this occasion they asked us to organise and design some ultra-luxurious experiences for them in Madrid of the type that money just can’t buy. The initial brief indicated the type of experiences it wanted to give its clients, their main interests and the budget allocated to this project.

Their distinguished clients had already been to Spain on several occasions, so their experiences had to be unique, exclusive, unforgettable and extremely luxurious. Furthermore, given that our client was based in Asia, aside from the luxury experiences, our client requested that Madrid Experience also procured the commemorative gifts they wanted to give their clients as well as all the marketing material surrounding the event, such as menus, dossiers, travel schedules &c.

We worked alongside our client for several weeks, modifying or changing proposals to best suit their ideal.

Some of the experiences Madrid Experience organised for them include:

  1. A hands-on cuisine workshop held in the private atelier of a famous Spanish chef who gave a presentation on the latest cooking techniques and gave our guests some samples to try. Once the workshop finished our clients had dinner at the chef´s restaurant.
  2. An exclusive visit to Madrid’s Royal Palace where they enjoyed a private recital with a magnificent soprano, a private cocktail and, afterwards, a dinner prepared by a chef who boasts two Michelin stars.
  3. A visit to a museum which had been privately booked for Madrid Experience where they had a private tour of the collection and a gala dinner and show held in the premises.

This client’s references are available upon request.

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Bespoke Trip focusing on mysticism

This was a demanding and sophisticated client who was used to holding this sort of trips around the world, therefore their expectations were extremely high.

The purpose of their trip centred around religious mysticism, ancient philosophies, age-old wisdom, and the beauty of Spain.

It was clear from the start that they were not looking to make a conventional trip.

Part of our brief was for Madrid Experience to organise daily an event which had the “wow” factor. It had to be remarkable and unforgettable.

Some of the bespoke tours, exclusive events and VIP activities Madrid Experience organised for them include:

  • A private invitation to discuss Oviedo´s Holy Shroud with a specialist on the matter. Guests were treated to an extraordinary buffet held on the Royal Chapel of the Hotel de la Reconquista, where the King of Spain holds an audience with guests attending the Principe de Asturias awards. Afterwards, guests were able to visit and admire the original shroud held in Oviedo’s cathedral.
  • An audience with an Andalusian mystic who spoke of sacred geometry, the importance of water in purification, and the ancient knowledge of the Islamic Andalusian culture, which is passed on from generation to generation.
  • Private VIP tours and access to places and venues closed to the general public in cities like Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Burgos, Oviedo, Ponferrada and Santiago.

The trip to Spain lasted 16 days. We have also organised for them the same type of trip to Portugal. On that occasion our client enjoyed a 12 day trip to Portugal where they learned about Portugal’s mystical dimension, its religious practices and, of course, the beauty and sophistication of the country”.

This client’s references are available upon request.

VIP Tours for Convention attendees

This was an event held for one of Spain’s large multinational companies. They held a sales conference for 400 people. The company wanted to offer its employees some exclusive relaxing leisure activities to be held after an intense meetings and presentations session.

Our briefing was to organise some out-of-the-ordinary exclusive activities with a maximum duration of two hours.

Given the size of the group, the challenge was complex. We decided to divide all 400 attendees, who were gathered in a single location, into four groups of 100 people each.

Some of the activities they enjoyed were:

  • A visit to the Prado Museum where they took part in a tour where they discovered the “hidden symbols of art” in the museum’s collection thanks to our resident historian who is also an expert in cryptic art. After their VIP tour they enjoyed a light cocktail.
  • A private and exclusive  tour of one of the most important private art collections in Spain. The group also enjoyed a cocktail enlivened by a guitar player.
  • A themed tour centred around the work of Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.

This client’s references are available upon request.

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