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Create your own exclusive perfume

Become a perfumer for a day

Would you like to live an unforgettable and unique sensory experience?

We invite you to enter the luxurious world of perfume and let yourself go by living a unique aromatic experience in a perfume personalization workshop.

During this workshop, two of our experts will take you through the history of perfume and regale you with some of its most amazing anecdotes.

After this narrative journey you will discover a selection of exclusive, and limited production, scents selected specially on your behalf so you can create your very own fragrance.

As part of this élite experience, you will be shown how to best combine an array of select components and arrive at the ultimate ideal scent, personalized for and by you. Working as a time-honoured alchemist, you will be able to elaborate the formula yourself thanks to the advice from our experts.


Become a perfumier for a day

Create your own unique fragrance and take it home with you

Learn more about the wonderful world of perfumes

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