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Flamenco Private Class


Madrid Experience gives you the chance to take a VIP Flamenco Class where the magic and passion of Spain’s most famous dance will take centre stage.

Our VIP Flamenco Class is aimed at corporate and private groups, as well as individuals who are interested in this amazing art form.

According to all experts, Flamenco is something that becomes part of the soul of those who dance it. It creates bonds and brings out the passion in you. It is the perfect activity for breaking the ice and makes for a successful group activity.

Madrid Experience’s VIP Flamenco Classes are held in one of Madrid’s most prestigious and famous Flamenco studios, and are taught by professional dancers of this discipline who will teach participants, in a fun and entertaining way, a step sequence, or a choreographed scene, accompanied by a Spanish guitar player or Flamenco percussionist.

* Should you be interested in buying some Flamenco garments, accessories, shoes or shawls, Madrid Experience will arrange a visit to the best purveyors in Madrid.

Duration of the VIP Flamenco class: One and a half to two hours approximately



Feel the rhythm of the handclapping, the stamping feet, and the traditional 'cante hondo' of this very Spanish art

Make the most of your time in Spain by taking a private flamenco class led by a professional flamenco dancer and a classical 'box player' where you will learn a short choreographed flamenco sequence

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TEL. +34 915 417 099 | +34 644 355 651

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