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VIP Experiences with Artisans

Authentic Experiences in Spain

During our exclusive Artisan Tours we offer you the possibility of living a unique experience of immersion in the culture of Spain and to have an approach to the essence of the traditions of Madrid, which are reflected in our traditions,  flavors and unique objects.


We have designed tailor-made visits and experiences to the most authentic workshops for you to have the opportunity to get to know the most representative trades of our cultural heritage through personal encounters with the best craftsmen in their workshops.


You will have the chance to see how flamenco guitars, traditional wine boots, elegant Spanish capes, bindings in a centennial workshop or the best flamenco shoes, among others, are crafted.  Through all of experiences you will get to know the soul and the history of the great artists who made, for example, guitars to masters of the size of Paco de Lucía or who made the cape with which Picasso asked to be buried.


Likewise, we have contemporary artisans capable of creating exclusive pieces with a unique value, such as jewelers, potters or leather craftsmen.


We ensure a total immersion in the history and curiosities of each of the neighborhoods and traditional corners, in which the workshops are located.


In each tour, you can choose a maximum of three workshops. The duration of the visit is approximately three hours to three and a half hours.


Get to know artisans and be inspired by the love of what they do

Discover the traditions of Spain and objects that have been manufactured manually for centuries

Enjoy an activity that will transform you and invite you to do new things

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