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Olive Oil Tasting. We are all looking for new experiences, new flavors and, above all, something that surprises us and can transport us to another world. A world full of aromas, nature and balance.

Madrid Experience invites you to enjoy our Olive Oil Tasting, a product forever tied to the Mediterranean and its culture; Spain is one of the most important producers of Olive Oil in the world. It is believed that olive trees were cultivated in the Middle East circa 3000-4000 BC. In Spain, olives were introduced by the Phoenicians around the year 1100 BC.



Taste the Best Olive Oil in Spain


Madrid Experience will organize a gourmet Olive Oil Tasting session in the company of one of the best professional Oil Tasters in Spain. In this gourmet session you will experience olive groves, aromatic herbs, olfactory references, flavors, smells, textures, and you will have the opportunity to taste and discover the best olive oils.

Madrid Experience’s Olive Oil Tastings are aimed for small and large groups and are designed specially for you.



Enjoy the best Olive Oil Tasting in Madrid


For a unique experience that is personally designed to your needs, we offer you an exclusive olive oil tasting accompanied by one of Madrid’s best Olive Oil experts.

You will learn to distinguish the unique smells and flavors of Spanish Olive Oil and familiarize yourself with the four different varieties, in order to master the uses and distinctiveness of each.

Here you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best Olive Oil made in Spain, which have been awarded and recognized worldwide. Enjoy this experience with perfect pairings that further enhances their unmistakably different flavors and aromas.

This private event is led by a recognized expert, who will introduce you to the world of olive oil that is so uniquely different from any other tasting experience in Madrid.



VIP Gourmet Olive Oil Tasting


Our VIP olive oil tasting was especially made and organized for private groups to enjoy.



What you need to know before your VIP Olive Oil tasting


Spain boasts of over 260 different varieties of olive oil. Virgin olive oil consists of 100% olive juice, with some very interesting and specific characteristics.

The taste and aromatic references on the nose and palate can be very diverse and recall things as different as the smell of a green apple, an olive leaf, fresh grass, a banana, an almond or even a tomato plant. Visually, oils can have a wide range of hues and nuances that range from pure yellow to a very intense green. All of these characteristics may be discovered and compared during Madrid Experience’s Olive Oil Tasting sessions.


The four types of Olive Oil are as follows:


  • Arbequina: It has a fruity taste, hints of apple and banana and is fairly fluid. It is mainly used in pastry dough, chilled soups, sauces and light salad dressings. It is often used raw.
  • Cornicabra: It has the taste of apples and can be slightly piquant. Visually it looks like shining gold. It is mainly used in salads, as a light batter, pastry dough and sautés.
  • Hojiblanca: During an Olive Oil tasting, it may remind us of freshly cut grass. It may be slightly piquant and taste a little like almonds. Its color can be a light greenish yellow. It is mainly used in mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise (aïoli), vinaigrettes, for marinated fish, cold and warm soups, pasta, sautés and preserved vegetables.
  • Picual: Speaking of flavors and aromas, during your Olive Oil tasting session, you may encounter hints of  green fruits, olives, tomato, figs, and can even have a bitter aftertaste. It is mainly used in salads, for batter and fried dishes, french fries, patties, breaded dishes, slow-cooked stews, and cooked or raw preserved foods.




Discover olive oil’s universe hand in hand with one of Spain’s best oil tasters

Experience a professional olive oil tasting

Learn to distinguish the aromas, flavours and textures of Spanish olive oil

Get to know the different varieties of olive oil and the uses experts recommend for each of them

This can be a group activity

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