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In love with light: Sorolla

Madrid Experience invites you to enjoy a luxurious experience immersed in the art world and which no doubt will impact you in a surprising way. This bespoke experience has been designed around the famous painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida and his work. Sorolla, as he is commonly known, belongs to that group of universal artists which have gone beyond the borders of Spain. In his case, it is thanks to the way he masterfully captured light on canvas as very few others have been able to do.


Madrid Experience’s VIP Sorolla Tour will give you a first-hand and close-up introduction into the artist in a manner far removed from that which is commonly available to mass tourism, and will give you an unforgettable memoir surrounding the art world.


This luxury experience will bring you closer to the artist’s life and work with the help of one of his direct descendants, who will introduce you to Sorolla’s oeuvre in an intimate manner, sharing some of the anecdotes surrounding his life and letting you in on some of the sources of inspiration which would make their way to his amazing paintings, not forgetting, of course, some of the secrets behind his techniques, including his passion for colour.


Aside from giving you the chance to admire some of the portraits created by Sorolla, our hostess, an artist in her own right, will share with you some of his private family photographs and will, for a few minutes, open a window into the artist’s home and personal life.


Madrid Experience’s VIP Sorolla Tour will immerse you in the beauty of Impressionism, Postimpressionism and the Luminist style, so characteristic of his work, and which you will enjoy as you visit the Casa Sorolla Museum, or the Prado Museum’s Sorolla collection.


Discover the work of the great painter Joaquín Sorolla introduced by one of his direct descendants

Enjoy the Sorolla Museum away from mass tourism and / or Sorolla's private collection at the Prado Museum

Get to know aspects of the painter's personal life and enjoy family photographs

Have a glass of champagne with a family member of Sorolla in a relaxed atmosphere

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