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Hot-Air Balloon Ride


There are things in life which stay with us forever. The smell of rain, the morning song of a nightingale, that fleeting instant when a butterfly stops just before it flutters away.

Beauty is always uppermost in our mind when it comes to designing experiences and events which will forever remain in our clients’ mind, which is why we have designed something as memorable as a hot-air balloon ride over Segovia.

Enveloped in the soft breeze of dawn, a view of the city’s Alcazar is certainly impressive. That early in the day the light pouring over this fairy-tale castle can only be described as magical. The silence which permeates these heights allows us to admire this incredible fortress, as well as the city’s other magnificent monuments such as its cathedral, known as the “Lady of all cathedrals” because of its elegance and size, or the Roman aqueduct, a marvel of Roman engineering built almost two thousand years ago.

And for true romantics, if you were looking for a unique setting in which to propose, this would be it. Madrid Experience will organize everything, from the background music to the champagne. All you have you to do is bring the ring, and we will do the rest.

This unforgettable hot-air balloon ride can be organized on its own, or as part of a bespoke VIP Tour of Segovia or Avila, where we can also organize a tour of the region’s best vineyards and wineries. Alternatively, we can also organize a VIP Tour of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso.



Admire one of the world's most stunning castles from the air

Live a unique experience from a hot-air balloon

Feel free and see the world from above

Discover one of Spain’s most charming cities

Enjoy its succulent cuisine

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