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Our massages from the best certified therapists in Madrid

Allow yourself to enjoy the world of relaxation in Madrid by getting a massage from the best certified therapists specializing in holistic, ayurvedic (abhyanga) and hot obsidian stone massages. We will deliver this one-of-a-kind massage to wherever you are in the city without having the need to worry about anything else but ultimate relaxation in the comforts of your own accommodation.


For centuries, the stimulating art of massage was considered and continues to be a source of health, relaxation, beauty and an alternative form of stress prevention in ancient civilizations. All our massage therapists specialize in ancient techniques to provide you with all its wonderful benefits.



An Exclusive Massage in Madrid

Before we begin any treatment, we will provide you with a short questionnaire to get further acquainted with your “dosha” that is as “unique as a fingerprint,” In doing so, we will be able to recommend and prepare the right therapeutic massage oil (olive, coconut or almond oil) and the accompanying essential oil (energizing citrus, relaxing lavender or refreshing mint, among others) that your body and dominant dosha needs.


Our therapeutic massage and essential oils are 100% all-natural and of the highest quality.


We offer only the most exclusive therapeutic massages of the highest quality.

Here are the different treatments that we offer:


Holistic Massage

Our trademark luxury massage is the holistic massage. The human body is composed of different aspects of physical, mental, spiritual and energetic planes and this massage targets all aspects. It is designed to wholly and simultaneously treat all planes of the human body through healing all at once. The massage is carried out in a sequential movements, reiki healing, aromatherapy, music therapy, gong, crystal and stone therapy for your pleasure.



Abhyanga (Oil) Massage

The Abhyanga massage is our Ayurvedic massage, which means “loving hands” in Sanskrit. It is performed in sequences of regenerative symbols representing infinite love that imprint positivity on the subconscious. It is one of the most stimulating massages you will experience because aside from the regenerative treatment to the physical body, the subconscious counterpart will be stimulated as well. The massage is given with the therapeutic oil based on your “dosha” for that pleasurable aromatic feeling.



California Massage:

This special massage originated in Baja California in the 1960’s to act as a complement for certain psychological therapies. It is characterized by long and slow movements all over the body, which is reminiscent of the rhythm and movement of waves to completely envelope the person in ultimate relaxation.
In addition to the physical aspect of the massage, it also embodies a spiritual component wherein different characteristics of mindfulness and wellness are introduced. Practicing stillness, while listening to the needs of the body is performed by using deep contact movements. The Harmonious Hammocks technique is also performed – which releases deeply settled physical and mental patterns by channelling the person’s energy lines, while discovering the right pressure points.
This massage has a minimum duration of 75 minutes, complete with the therapeutic and aromatherapy oils. It is recommended for those that feel the need to free their mind and revitalize their body.



Hot Stone Obsidian Massage

This massage is carried out with Mexican energy stones that have been used in traditional Aztec medicine for centuries. Osbsidian provides a profound healing to the soul. It is a stone of protection that creates a shield against negativity by absorbing all the negative energies in the environment. During the massage, a stone is placed on the navel to settle spiritual energies found in the body, and another is situated on the third eye to release all mental barriers within.


This massage will be done with the right therapeutic oil for your “dosha” to achieve the most pleasant sensation.


Whether you are in Madrid for work or pleasure, take the time to relax and enjoy the best massage in the city. A wonderful relief of tension by the hands of our specialists would be the perfect way to end the day.


Price: 120 €


Let us pamper you and try to take you to heaven

Enjoy our massages based on ancestral techniques

Enjoy a 100% professional massage

In our massages we only use 100% natural oils and products

We will customize the oil according to your “dosha” and your needs

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