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Chinchon day tour from Madrid


Madrid Experience will take you to Chinchon, a small town filled with character, famous for its town square, which is round and dates back to the Middle Ages, as well as its specialty liqueur: anise. With our bespoke VIP Tour of Chinchon you will see the legendary ‘church without a belfry’ and the ‘belfry without a church’.

Chinchon is a great day out if you want to leave Madrid and give yourself a break!

A tour of Chinchon can be combined with:


Duration of the VIP Tour of Chinchon: About 5 hours

Recommended attire: Comfortable shoes and sun protection


Drink the town's famous aniseed alcoholic drink, and its many varieties

Enjoy Chinchon’s inspiring town square (that doubles as a bullring), and its weekly market

Discover the city´s church without a belfry, and the belfry without a church

Eat at one of the town square’s restaurants and find inspiration in its unique views

INFO@MADRID-EXPERIENCE.COM    |    TEL. +34 915 417 099    |    +34 644 355 651

TEL. +34 915 417 099 | +34 644 355 651

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