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Manzanares el Real


Madrid Experience will take you on a VIP Tour to one of the most dream-like castles in the region of Madrid: the castle of Manzanares el Real.

At the foot of the Guadarrama mountain range you will find the quaint mountain town of Manzanares el Real and its almost perfectly-kept fifteenth century castle, the former residence of the noble Mendoza family.

This elegant fortress, built in the Romanesque-Mudejar style, was begun in 1475 by the first Marquis of Santillana. Today, this ancient citadel is home to a museum and has an excellent collection of tapestries.

If you are already familiar with the main cities surrounding Madrid (such as Toledo or Segovia) we recommend this half-day excursion to a castle which will leave you breathless.

Aside from a VIP Tour of Manzanares el Real you may also be able to take the:


Duration of the VIP Tour of Manzanares el Real: 5 hours

Clothing recommendations: Comfortable shoes


Visit the best-kept medieval castle in the province of Madrid

Learn about the residence of the Mendozas, a noble family dating from the time of the Catholic Monarchs

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