Hero Aranjuez

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Aranjuez day Tour from Madrid


Our customized VIP Tour of Aranjuez will take you to the former spring residence of the Spanish monarchs. Surrounded by the Tagus river, you will stroll around Spain’s most important Habsburg-era garden complex in existence.


Phillip V, Spain’s first Bourbon monarch, chose the Royal Palace of Aranjuez as his favorite summer residence. Your VIP Tour of the royal property will show you how Phillip’s descendants left their mark there.

Complementing your VIP Tour of the Palace, you may also visit some of the most select Appellation of Origin, family-owned cellars and vineyards nearby, who pride themselves on their limited wine production, as well as the only wine cellar which belonged to Spain’s Royal family.

A visit to Aranjuez can be combined with:


Duration of the VIP Tour of Aranjuez: 5 hours

Clothing recommendations: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen


Enjoy a visit to the famous Palace of Aranjuez and its beautiful gardens

Have lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant

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