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Avila Private Tour.  We will show you the wonders of the walled city of Avila on its bespoke VIP tour. Avila’s wall is one of Spain’s best kept medieval constructions and was declared a National Monument in 1984.

The wall itself measures over 2,000 metres and has 2,500 battlements, 9 gates, and 87 turrets. Its walls are about 12 metres high and will take you back to the time of feudal life and heroic battles.

On our VIP Tour of Avila we will closely follow in the footsteps of the mystic St Teresa, visit the extraordinary cathedral, which was started in the twelfth century and is built in the Romanesque and Gothic styles, wander around its quiet medieval streets, and given the city’s penchant for mysticism, visit its small museum of philosophy.

Shopping tips: One of Avila’s gastronomic delights are the sweets and cookies made by the various religious orders of nuns who still reside there, you can purchase some from the Convent of Santa María de Jesús and the Convent of Santa Ana.

Gastronomic delicacies: Veal T-Bone steak, judías del barco de Ávila (pinto beans and chorizo in a sauce), and a wide selection of beef stews.

Your bespoke Tour of Avila can be combined with:


Duration of the VIP Tour of Avila: 7 hours

Clothing recommendations: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen


Learn about the life and ideals of Spain’s famous mystic, St Teresa of Avila

Visit the primitive church where St Teresa lived in complete austerity

Visit one of Spain’s most impressive Romanesque churches

Visit Avila’s cathedral and its artistic treasures

Enjoy the beauty of one of Spain’s most famous walled cities

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