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Your Valladolid Private Tour

Madrid Experience invites you to discover the charms of Valladolid on a bespoke VIP Tour.

This historical city, which holds the honour of having once been Spain’s capital for five years in the seventeenth century, is where the future King Phillip II was born at Pimentel Palace, and it still has an important legacy from its relationship with the Spanish Crown.

Our VIP Tour of Valladolid will take you to the old quarter where you will visit its palaces, aristocratic homes, churches, squares, avenues and parks, as well as its fine museums such as the Patio Herreriano – Valladolid’s contemporary art museum – the Oriental Museum, the Sculpture Museum, the Museum-Homes of Cervantes and José Zorrilla, as well as an excellent museum of clothing and antiques. To say nothing of the city’s gargantuan, and unfinished, cathedral!

If that were not enough, Valladolid is host to Spain’s National Pincho & Tapas Competition, so any visit to this former capital calls for a stop to taste its historical and avant-garde culinary legacy. As part of the VIP Tour of Valladolid, Madrid Experience will give you the chance to try the greatest variety of creative tapas and signature pinchos which are sure to amaze you.

We must not forget that this city is the gateway to the Duero river from where you can visit some of the region’s best vineyards and high-end wineries.

A VIP Tour of Valladolid can be combined with:


Duration of the VIP Tour of Valladolid: 8 hours.

Clothing recommendations: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen


Discover Castile’s tastiest and most creative tapas and pinchos

Visit exclusive estates and enjoy the outstanding wines of Ribera del Duero

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