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Your Burgos Private Tour


Madrid Experience will take you on a bespoke VIP Tour of Burgos, where you will be able to see what is Spain’s most beautiful cathedral. Building of the cathedral started in 1221, taking much of its inspiration from the French Gothic style.

Although it was modified in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, its style was maintained and today this cathedral is considered one of Spain’s greatest architectural Gothic masterpieces.

Our VIP Tour of Burgos will take you around this medieval city’s old streets and squares, which once witnessed the passionate love story between Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as El Cid, one of Spain’s national folk heroes, and his beloved Ximena.

During Madrid Experience’s VIP Tour of Burgos you will learn about El Cid’s legend, a key figure in Spain’s ‘reconquista’ saga, when the small Christian kingdoms of the north ‘reconquered’ the peninsula back from the Muslims who had dominated for seven centuries.

Part of Burgos province is located in the wine-growing region known as Ribera del Duero. Madrid Experience can take you on a bespoke wine tour of some of the region’s most exclusive vineyards and wineries to understand the wine-making process in depth, from the vineyard to the bottle. You will be able to see some of the most fascinating underground cellars which date back to the eleventh century, and which are available for any type of private function or event.

And a good glass of Ribera del Duero wine is well complemented by one of the region’s best dishes: roast lamb.


Enjoy the elegant refinement of one of Spain’s most beautiful Gothic cathedrals

Discover the history and epic legend of El Cid

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