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Madrid Experience will show you Cordoba, capital of the ancient Caliphate, in a bespoke VIP Tour of Cordoba.

During the Muslim domination of Spain, Cordoba represented the splendor of ‘Al-Andalus’, as the Moors referred to the Iberian Peninsula. Ever since then, the city has proudly displayed what is one of the most important jewels of Islamic art: the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Its tiles and golden mosaics, infinite arches and unrivalled beauty make this building one of the city’s must-see spots.

Our VIP Tour of Cordoba will immerse you in the elegant magnificence of that era, listening to the sound of the fountains and enjoying the fragrance of the orange trees which adorn the Mosque’s courtyard, a building which was originally built to rival the magnificence of the Mosques of Baghdad and Damascus.


  1. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
  2. The Alcazar of the Christian monarchs which was built in the thirteenth century.

Gastronomic delicacies: Salmorejo (a local version of Gazpacho which is served with ham, boiled eggs and croutons), Perol Cordobés (a beef, rice and broth stew), Cordoba’s cake (a puff pastry filled with sweet jam and, sometimes, with ham).

Shopping: Silver items, jewellery and filigree pieces, embossed leather goods.


Approximate duration of the VIP Tour of Cordoba: 12 hours.

Recommended attire: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hat/cap.


Its famous mosque-cathedral will take your breath away

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Its lively streets

Its private patios, unique in the whole world

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