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Avila and Segovia Private Tours


Madrid Experience will take you to see Segovia and Avila, two historical and imposing cities where there is a lot to try and discover during your bespoke VIP Tour.

With our VIP Tour of Segovia you will visit the city and monuments such as its great Roman Aqueduct, which is nearly 15 kilometers long, has 166 arches, 120 pillars, and was constructed using 20.400 blocks of granite. At the top, there is a canal through which water flowed at a rate of 30 liters per second.

Madrid Experience will also take you to one of the most beautiful castles in the world: the famous Alcazar of Segovia, the ancient residence of the Catholic Monarchs, and one of the greatest examples of medieval architecture. We must not forget that Isabella was proclaimed Queen of Castile in Segovia, and Madrid Experience will take you back to that time, halfway in between the medieval era and the Renaissance.

Our VIP Tour of Segovia will also show you the historic Barrio de los Caballeros neighborhood, the old Jewish quarter, the magnificent cathedral and the city’s old quarter which is filled with Romanesque churches, famous houses and symbolic squares. Your Madrid Experience guide will tell you about the legends, history and anecdotes of the city, its stately past, and will show you some of the sites which fall outside conventional tours, such as the Church of the Vera Cruz, whose past is tied to the Knights Templar.

Segovia is also Castile’s gastronomic capital and Madrid Experience will take you to the city’s best and most traditional Inn, where you will be able to enjoy some of the region’s delicacies.

As for your VIP Tour of Avila and be prepared to be welcomed by the impressive sights of the city’s XI century wall, which encircles the old city’s perimeter. This defensive construction is over 2000 meters long, has 2500 battlements, 9 gates and 87 turrets. Its walls, which are about 12 meters high and 3 meters thick, hark back to a time of battles and feudal life.

As part of the VIP Tour, we will take part in the ‘Teresian Route’, which is closely linked to the famous mystical figure of St. Theresa, who was a native of Avila, as well as other historical spots around this historical city. Avila and Segovia Private Tour.


Duration of the VIP Tour of Segovia & Avila: approximately 10 hours


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Travel back in time to a forgotten kingdom populated by knights, princesses, knights Templar and medieval legends

Admire the city´s Alcazar, a medieval castle said to have inspired Walt Disney

Admire the city´s perfectly-preserved Roman aqueduct as it has crossed the city for over 2,000 years

Know about the stories surrounding one of the most famous monarchs of all time: Isabella of Castile, on of the Catholic Monarchs

Enjoy the beauty of one of Spain’s most famous walled cities

Learn about the life and ideals of Spain’s famous mystic, St Teresa of Avila

Visit one of Spain’s most impressive Romanesque churches

Visit the primitive church where St Teresa lived in complete austerity

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