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Intense. Passionate. Seville has no rival, and its soul can be felt in the way its inhabitants speak, the grace in their walk, in the passion they show for life. Madrid Experience offers you the chance to capture the essence of Andalusia’s capital with its bespoke VIP Tour of Seville.

Rich in architectural styles, the city boasts Romanesque, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque monuments which make Seville brim with art, culture and style, making it one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Madrid Experience proposes making a Day VIP Tour or, if you prefer, a bespoke Tour taking two or more days to get to know the essence of Seville in more depth.

Must See:

  1. Seville’s Cathedral and Columbus’s Tomb, as well the Giralda, a centuries-old minaret turned into one of the most famous belfries in Christendom
  2. The Royal Palace complex known as the Real Alcázar, which dates back to Muslim Spain
  3. The Real Maestranza bullring, one of the most important in the bullfighting world
  4. The ancient neighborhood of Santa Cruz


Duration of the VIP Tour of Royal Seville: 12 hours

Recommended attire: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hats


Enjoy what is to many Andalusia’s most beautiful city

Walk in its fantastic cathedral and go up its famous belfry: la Giralda

Admire the Reales Alcázares, Seville’s royal residence, and its wonderful gardens

Take a walk in the city's famous Santa Cruz and Triana neighbourhoods

Visit the famous Real Maestranza bullfighting ring and the shops around it

Get to know the city’s world-famous April Fair

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