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Marzipan Workshop in Toledo

Marzipan: the delicacy from Toledo

At Madrid Experience we aim to bring closer to you the best Spain has to offer. Aside from the country’s colour, this is a country famous for its cuisine and excellent delicacies, landscapes, history and flavour.

With this in mind we have designed as part of a VIP Tour of Toledo, a stop dedicated to marzipan. This Toledo delicacy made from almonds and sugar has captivated those who try it for centuries.

Learn its secrets and take back with you its ancient flavour!

Madrid Experience will organise for you a private Toledo marzipan workshop. Here you will learn the secrets ensuring a perfect cooking process to obtain the most delicious marzipan in the world straight out of the oven and made by you.

During this entertaining experience, fully tailored to your needs, you will learn to make and mould the dough in many different shapes before you cover it with chocolate and give it its distinctive shine.

Once out of the over you will be able to taste it and store in your memory the delicate flavour of this traditional product.

At Madrid Experience we go out of our way to turn this into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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