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Wine Tour at Ribera del Duero


Wine Tour Ribera del Duero. Madrid Experience’s VIP Wine Tour of the Ribera del Duero will take you to see a select collection of the best wineries in the region. A number of these belong to some of the largest and internationally renowned brands, whilst others are family-run wineries of the highest quality where you will meet their owners and learn about the passion they feel towards their land and the wines they produce in an almost artisanal manner.

Madrid Experience will ensure you have a wine experience” where you will gain access to places far from the beaten track, and to people who are proud of their exclusivity and excellence.

Aside from having chosen the best selection out of over 280 wineries in the region, as part of your VIP Wine Tour of the Ribera del Duero region, Madrid Experience will take you to some of the most outstanding restaurants in the area, where the marvels of Spain’s cuisine will delight and astound you.

Madrid Experience’s Wine Day Tour

Our VIP Wine Tour of the Ribera del Duero region will take you to see a renowned family-run winery whose owner will be our host, showing us the cellar, vineyards and the atelier where the barrels used to age the wine are made. It is a unique experience to meet owners of wineries who are often personally involved in the grape harvest, working in the fields, as well as being oenologists and sales reps. We will benefit from their knowledge during a wine-tasting which Madrid Experience will organize during your bespoke private wine tour. If you are celebrating a special occasion, Madrid Experience can organize a musical evening at one of these wonderful wineries where you can enjoy melodies of a masterfully played cello.

As part of your VIP Wine Tour, one of our sommeliers will be at your disposal to give a small introductory course into the world of wine: you will be able to hone your senses and discover the hidden landscapes of wine.

This VIP Wine Tour will also include a visit to an underground cellar, known locally as a “lagar”, which are normally 10 metres deep and can date as far back as the fourteenth century. Be enveloped by the silence and atmosphere that surround the wine barrels as they rest and mature as they done for centuries.

Back above ground, Madrid Experience will have made reservations for you and your party at a table in one of the best restaurants of the Aranda de Duero region where the local star dish is roast lamb. Afterwards, we can arrange a visit to the famous castle of Peñafiel, which presently houses a wine museum.

About Ribera del Duero

The Ribera del Duero appellation of origin is about 180 kilometres north of Madrid and encompasses the region through which the Duero river flows as it passes through the provinces of Burgos, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid. This region boasts over 100 small towns located along a viticultural strip which stretches over 115 kilometres and has over 51,000 acres dedicated to vineyards, producing around 50 million litres of bottled wine per annum.

The VIP Wine Tour of the Ribera del Duero which we organize at Madrid Experience will permit you to enjoy the best wines Spain has to offer, the region’s gastronomic delicacies, its charming towns and ancient castles. Stay at magnificent hotels and enjoy the latest wine therapy treatments at an exclusive spa.

A wine route and some good company will guarantee you a trip like no other where Madrid Experience will take care of everything.

All the wineries you will see are true works of engineering which often keep the secrets which lead to quality wine-making. We will take you to see avant-garde wineries – some of which have been designed by world-famous architects – as well as traditional wineries, some of which are private, family-run affairs and inheritors of a great wine-making tradition.

Inside an underground wine cellar you can actually hear the sound of silence. No other sound perturbs the wine resting inside the oak barrels which lie under dim light. In the air, a deep woody and fruity aroma prints its unique character on the Ribera del Duero wines.

What to do in the Ribera del Duero Region?

Madrid Experience offers you the possibility to do an endless amount of options. Among the activities we can suggest are: an initiation into wine course given by a sommelier to start the day. With our sommelier you will learn to fine-tune your senses to distinguish a world made up of brilliant colors, aromas and unsuspected flavors. Afterwards, you will be able to name and classify the wines you will be tasting throughout the day.

The Ribera del Duero area is filled with charming towns, some of which have a castle within their municipality, such as the towns of Peñaranda, or the Palace of Zúñiga, in Curiel de Duero, which dates back to the XV century, or Peñafiel castle, as well as several monuments and museums.

The wine harvest begins with the arrival of Fall, and you will be able to see for yourself how the grapes are harvested and how wine starts to get made.

Have an aperitif in the country, underneath a hundred-year old oak, or enjoy a meal which has been paired with the perfect bottle of wine from the winery itself.

Enjoy the benefits of Vinotherapy and its rejuvenating treatments thanks to the natural, rich polyphenols, which are found naturally in grapes and have highly anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

A Regional Gastronomic Experience?

Even though Castile’s traditional recipes are very wide, the use of the suckling lamb as a signature dish dates back to even before the start of the Medieval era. It is usually roasted at 180ºC (356ºF) in mud ovens heated by oak wood. Its cooking lies exclusively on the quality of the product and the Chef’s skill. The end result is a delicate and juicy pink meat which melts in your mouth. It is not just a delicacy for the most exquisite of palates, but it is a completely natural product, low in fat and rich in flavor. You should also try the ‘Sopa Castellana’, a hearty garlic soup, lamb chops, roasted pepper and curds with honey.

Where to stay?

Madrid Experience can book a country cottage, a charming hotel, or a luxury hotel. Anything you need to get the most out of this charming region.

Ribera del Duero is an excellent destination where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. The region allows for all types of leisure and original and fun experiences for the whole family, couples, groups of friends, lovers of sport, wine ‘connoisseurs’ and even corporate clients.

Madrid Experience will organize a VIP Wine Tour and a personalized experience where it will be no trouble to change the number of participants. We can also accommodate your wishes to visit other places, and respect your schedule. We will be delighted to design a VIP Wine Ribera del Duero Tour, or take you on a bespoke wine tour of the region’s private wineries and cellars. Without a doubt, Ribera del Duero is one of our favorite appellations of origin.


Visit renowned cellars which are not-easy-to-access without an invitation

Visit family-run vineyards and be a witness to a centuries-old history

Experience the traditional stepping on the grapes and feel the fruit as it pops under your feet

Taste wines straight out of the cask and compare the flavours created by a French oak to those of American oak

Drink the best wines in the region and enjoy its hidden landscapes

Share the best moments in life with a great cup of wine in your hand

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