Tour Privado El Escorial

Madrid of the Kings

VIP Tour to Madrid and El Escorial

The Spanish Crown and the Spanish Empire have been linked to two great European dynasties for centuries: the Habsburgs, Austria’s Imperial family, and, since the eighteenth century, France’s Royal family: the Bourbons.

Our VIP Tour of Royal Madrid focuses on this Royal heritage and includes visits to historical Madrid, forever tied to the first of these bygone dynasties, and known as ‘Habsburg Madrid’ or ‘Madrid of the Austrias’ as it is known in Spain. This bespoke VIP Tour entails visiting Madrid’s Royal Palace, including several rooms and official halls which are not open to the public, as well as visits to some of the city’s oldest and most beautiful churches and convents, as well as a day trip to the palace-monastery of El Escorial, and its Royal Mausoleum.

The arrival of a new dynasty from France brought to Madrid the refinement of French culture. Madrid Experience offers you a bespoke VIP Tour of Madrid’s Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, the palace-monastery of El Escorial, the Royal Palace of La Granja…


Duration of the VIP Tour of Royal Madrid: 7 hours

Recommended attire: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen


Let your imagination fly with the stories and legends surrounding the kings of Spain

Meet King Phillip II and discover his interesting views on art and astronomy

Visit Phillip's palace-monastery of El Escorial, and admire its impressive library, home to invaluable antique books from all over the world

Be amazed by the vestiges of Spain’s extensive global empire, where it was said that the sun never set

Madrid and El Escorial

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