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VIP Perfume Sampling Evening


With this VIP Perfume Sampling Evening, Madrid Experience offers you an exclusive and different sensorial experience which has been designed with you in mind and utilizes exclusives fragrances from around the world. Madrid Experience will take you to a boutique stocked with unusual, high-end, non-commercially available fragrances where precious ingredients of remote origins will be at your reach.

In this aromatic experience that you, or your group, will live an interesting and completely sensorial evening, enjoy holding a glass of champagne, or some good wine, and accessing the personal advice of a perfumes expert who will make your individuality stand out.

Our expert will carry out an olfactory analysis using the nose and a computer to find your exclusive perfume.

During this perfume sampling evening – which will take place once the perfume store has closed its doors to the public-, aside from the olfactory test which will reveal your tastes and asses which perfumes best fit your personality (you probably have not heard of many of them), our expert will unveil the secret world of a perfume’s protocol. You will learn why some experts don’t recommend that you use the fragrance worn at a business dinner during an intimate dinner, or on an excursion. Or why it is recommended that you use some aromas in winter, and others in summer.

With this exclusive Perfume Sampling session, Madrid Experience offers you a private and intense experience, filled with sensations and aromas. Find the exclusive perfume that you will feel comfortable with and which will charm those around you. Madrid Experience will help you find your exclusive fragrance.


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