vip-gourmet-day in Seville

Seville VIP Gourmet Tour

Acorn Fed Iberean Ham & Cheese

Madrid Experience has prepared a real gourmet experience for you which you will remember your whole life. This is not just any gourmet experience, this has been designed around the jewel in the crown of Spain´s gourmet products: Iberian acorn-fed ham.

In this VIP Gourmet Tour you will not only visit the best acorn-fed Iberian ham Factory but you will also be able to visit the pigs in their natural habitat. At the end of your visit we will stop by the ham factory where you will enjoy a VIP ham and charcuterie tasting experience.

Madrid Experience will also take you to a goat´s cheese factory where you will learn about the craft behind its production. Would you like to milk the goats and learn how to make this gourmet product with your own hands?

We will also organise a delicious lunch in one of the best spots in the region where you will be able to sample local delicacies.

And for dessert we will visit an artisanal distillery, or an artisanal marmalade factory, to finish off this one-of-a-kind day.

Let yourself go and we will organise a VIP Gourmet Tour of the area around Seville’s sierra which your taste buds will never forget!


Enjoy a unique gourmet day you will never forget

See Iberian breed pigs in their natural habitat

Visit the acorn-fed Iberian ham factory of Spain’s best brand

Enjoy a VIP acorn-fed Iberian ham and other cold meats tasting

Learn about the artisanal way of making goats cheese

Visit a local distillery and enjoy the flavour of the local liqueurs and spirits

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