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Wine Tasting of the Best Wines of Spain

According Robert Parker Jr., Peñín Guide & Proensa Guide

Without a doubt, wine represents one of Spain´s gastronomic treasures, something which places the country among the best providers of this precious drink in the world.

Balanced, refined, and the equals in every way of the wines stemming from the world´s best vineyards, it is not presumptuous to say that Spain produces some of the best wines on earth.

Madrid Experience invites you to an exclusive wine tasting session, designed to follow the exquisite parameters set out by the world´s most famous wine guides and wine critics such as Peñín Guide, Proensa Guide and Robert Parker Jr.

For example, the wines which Parker has deemed worthy of his 100 points ranking start at €100 and can reach up to €5,000.

Given their limited vintage and harvest, and coming as they do from different regions and wineries, these oenological jewels are difficult to get, and getting a chance to try them is not always possible.

Nevertheless, Madrid Experience has designed a VIP wine tasting experience which will allow you to get to know some of these exquisite wines personally, thanks to the skill and knowledge of our sommelier.  A high end experience.

Join Madrid Experience in this unforgettable experience!


Enjoy an exclusive wine-tasting experience where you will try Spain’s oenological jewels

Taste select wines which you would not normally try all at once

Enjoy this exclusive experience in exceptional surroundings such as a private palace, or a Michelin-starred restaurant

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