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Gourmet Honey Experience

Gourmet Honey Tasting

Through Madrid Experience’s VIP Honey Experience you will go deep into the exciting world of the bees and you will learn all you need to know about the honey universe.

Through this exclusive, and limited, experience dedicated to bees and honey, you will learn more about their world, how they organise their hive and how they make their honey. We will also touch upon the threats the sector faces, both from within and without.

Madrid Experience will ensure that you learn the craft of managing hives, how to extract their honey from the honeycombs using a spinning method, and that at the end of all that you try the recently extracted honey.

That´s because with Madrid Experience you will be able to taste the freshest honey on Earth as it leaves the honeycomb. You will also experience a honey tasting event where you will try honey that is certified as 100% artisanal and coming from the Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve. No doubt this honey-tasting experience will change the way your perceive and enjoy this precious delicacy.

The honey used in this experience comes exclusively fron the Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve, has been analysed by a certified by an agrifood laboratory, has been certified by an Agronomical Engineer who has ensured the entire honey production and extraction process has gone according to the highest production standards, the honey production process follows an self-regulating plan conforming to the general agronomical hygiene principles and those of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP)

Learn to evaluate artisanal extraction honey of the highest quality.

You can combine this experience with:

* Wine and honey pairing tasting event

* Honey and chocolate pairing tasting

* Freshly baked bread and honey

* A visit to the hives, to the honey-extraction plant in the field, and the honey tasting event

* As part of a trip dedicated to the making of artisanal delicacies such as how to make goats cheese


Learn about the fascinating world of bees first-hand

Learn the history of the hives and the project to make even purer honey of the highest quality

Enjoy the artisanal managing of the hives and the extraction of honey

Try freshly-extracted honey

Evaluate high-quality honey, 100% and extracted using artisanal methods

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