Learn how to make cheese in Spain

Sheep’s Cheese Experience

Become a cheesemaker for a day

Spain has a long cheese-making tradition with delicacies made using thousand-year-old techniques. And one of the things which make Spanish cheese stand out, other than their great variety, is that many of them are made using sheep´s milk, as is the case with many of Europe’s Alpine cheeses.

Madrid Experience gives you the chance to live a private experience which will take you back in time and show you how to make sheep milk cheese using traditional methods.

This VIP experience is part of our aim to keep ancient techniques and know-how alive, and to use traditional artisanal methods which are used to make all types of local and  gourmet products of the highest quality.

This activity, as all of Madrid Experience’s activities, is a private endeavour and is tailor-made to you and your group.

Our gourmet experience will take you to a family-run cheese maker’s where you will hear a passionate story filled with creativity, love for the family and the product they so lovingly make. Since it is a family-run business, this experience will take you 125 years back in time.

Touch, smell and handle cheese with your own hands. Take part in the cheese-making process and learn how to make cheese thanks to a professional cheese-makes who will teach you about cheese-making.

This is a private workshok and, as such, you will be able to take back with you the cheese you made.

This is bespoke experience fully-dedicated to sheep milk cheese and it can include a visit to a sheep farm, where you can witness the milking process, a visit to a cheese factory, and a cheese-tasting experience. It also gives you the chance to live and learn about the cheese-making process using your own hands.

This experience can be combined with:

-A visit to a high-quality wine cellar


Learn to make sheep milk cheese

Travel 125 years back in time and learn the moving story of a cheese-making family

Touch, smell and make cheese with your own hands

Enjoy some Delicious cured and semi-cured sheep milk cheese, as well as other varieties made by customising some of the traditional recipes.

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