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Private Spanish Cooking Class


Madrid Experience gives you the chance to have a private VIP Spanish cuisine cooking class with a famous Chef during your stay in Spain.

Spain’s history unveils all the cultures which have lived, and cohabited, in the peninsula, and its cuisine is a clear example of this gastronomical legacy which draws from several diverse sources. From the olives which the Phoenicians and the Greeks grew in the country, to the culinary treasures Spain imported from America and then gave to the world, such as tomatoes, peppers, chocolate or potatoes, and not forgetting the rice, almonds, oranges or saffron which the Arabs introduced in the country, without a doubt Spain’s cuisine is considered one of the top cuisines in the world.

At Madrid Experience we want to invite you to get to know it deeply, which you will do during our VIP Spanish Cuisine class alongside a famous Chef. During this private class you will learn to make a full menu or those dishes which you like best. It is a unique opportunity where you will gain access to the top cooking secrets during your private class, using only the best ingredients and produce.

At the end of your VIP cooking class, Madrid Experience will have set up a table where you will be able to enjoy the dishes you have just created as you drink a glass of excellent wine.



Take a private cooking class with a famous chef

Learn to make a menu made up of Spanish dishes

Cook in a private kitchen in Madrid´s centre

Enjoy your meal accompanied by excellent wines

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