Cata de quesos, Cheese tasting, the best cheese in Spain.

Cheese Tasting

The best Spanish cheeses

Through the enhancing experience of our cheese tasting, savor and familiarize yourself with the best Spanish cheeses that are currently being produced:

Introduce your palate to the different cheeses that Spain has to offer such as: ripened cheese, pressed paste cheese, soft and hard cheese, creamy cheese, blue cheese, cheese smoked in beech wood using fresh milk from cow, sheep or goat.


Immerse yourself in the world of cheese and relish all the best cheeses that are proudly made in Spain. Which ones are your favorites?

Through our unique cheese tasting, discover and gain an understanding of seven different types, their peculiarities, origins, and all the innovative formulas their creators included to make such deliciously tasting varieties.


Included in the cheese tasting as an appetizer would be an artisanal-made butter or ricotta that is perfectly paired with different wines to polish them off wonderfully. We are extending to you a true gourmet experience wherein cheese is the star of the show.

This unique gastronomic tour of the best Spanish cheeses will approximately run for an hour and 30 minutes.


This private cheese tasting will be administered by the best gourmet cheese shop that produces, selects, refines and distributes Spanish artisanal cheeses. Different rinds are developed and  fostered from native yeast strains and molds, they also manage different conditions of temperature, humidity, ventilation and air renewal in caves that will result in a variety of cheeses that will bring you the most unique gourmet experience yet.


You can fully enjoy the cheese tasting as part of your private tour of Madrid, or simply make it a unique event with family and friends on its own.


Discover the great variety of cheeses in Spain

Enjoy premium artisan cheeses

Enjoy cow, sheep and goat cheeses that you could not taste in your country of origin

Have a cheese tasting as part of your private tour of Madrid

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