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Wine trip to La Rioja


Madrid Experience allows you to live unforgettable experiences related to wine’s culture with its VIP Tour of La Rioja. This is one of Spain’s most famous wine-growing regions and here you may treat your taste buds –thanks to the quality of its wine and its cuisine – as well as your sight.

Our VIP Tour of La Rioja will take you to the most exclusive vineyards in the region as well as to the most historic wine cellars. The visual game played out between the region’s classical architecture and the amazing avant-garde designs of some of the wineries, very often located on the side of a mountain or by a hillside, is without a doubt one of the most pleasant visual pleasures of this beautiful region.

Thanks to the passage of time, and the traditions followed by several wine-making families, we will take you to see some subterranean cellars which were dug centuries ago, as well as the large wine-making areas and internationally-renowned brands.

Madrid Experience will not only take you on a bespoke tour of La Rioja’s vineyards and wineries, it will also allow you to enjoy other exclusive activities in La Rioja such as wine tasting courses and several other experiences related to gastronomy and the world of wine, including wine and grape-related Spa sessions.

Wine is an art which harks back thousands of years. The ancient Romans already enjoyed the wine of La Rioja and boosted the creation of vineyards in the area.

La Rioja’s Grape Varieties

La Rioja’s main grape varieties are: Tempranillo, Garnacha tinta, Mazuelo, Graciano, Viura, Malvasia and Garnacha Blanca. However, in 2007 the Regulatory Body of La Rioja authorized other varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Tempranillo blanco and Turruntés, among others.

The Grape Harvest

The grape harvest starts late in La Rioja. Beginning towards the end of September, it stretches to mid October.

Once it starts, friends and relatives, share long work days alongside professional harvesters, selecting and collecting grapes. At the winery, grapes and collectors come together. Old anecdotes surrounding the harvest are remembered, and new ones are created as they all sit around and enjoy an afternoon snack.

Share with us an unforgettable Bespoke Wine Trip to la Rioja. A VIP tour to the best Vineyards and Wine Cellars of the region with Madrid Experience.



Enjoy the best landscapes of Spain and its villages with a great winemaking tradition

Be amazed by the combination of impressive old wineries and the most avant-garde wineries in architecture and design

Travel directly to heaven enjoying the Riojan cuisine

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