Interesting museums in Madrid

(beyond the more popular ones like Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum and the Reina Sofia)




Our smaller and less known favourite museums of Madrid


Madrid, as the former capital of a great empire, retains one of the most significant and important art collections of the world. With the three main museums of the city being the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen Bornemisza; there are a multitude of other museums all over Madrid that are worth exploring.


Below is our careful selection of the most interesting and special museums in Madrid, and our favorites within the city. As included in our private tours of Madrid, you will discover each of these secret treasures through our Madrid Tour guided by our art historians. In addition to the private tours we offer, we also organize exclusive experiences to museums, palaces, wine cellars and exclusive venues that will definitely leave a mark from these memorable events.




Palacio de Liria (Fundación Casa de Alba)

This palace is the actual residence of the Duke of Alba. It is perhaps the most exclusive palace in the city that houses large collections of art. Among these collections are paintings by artists from the Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, and French schools such as El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Fra Angelico, Titian, Constable and Coubert. The library contains books as important as the first edition of Quixote or Plans of America that was owned by Christopher Columbus himself.

Although the area open to the public is reduced to 12 rooms on the ground and first floor, it is well worth a visit even if the tickets need to be booked months in advance. (With our help, we can include this experience in the VIP Tour of Madrid which would be tailor-made according to your interests.)




National Archaeological Museum

It could perfectly be called National History Museum of Spain. The museum displays articles and utensils dug up from sites of villages that inhabited Spain from pre-history and throughout the Tartesians, Iberians, Certíberians, Greeks, Romans and Visigoths. Among the most significant pieces of the museum is the Lady of Elche, (V century BC) which is beautiful funeral urn and a great sample of Iberian culture.

Our official guides are archeologists that will take you on a journey to discover the fascinating history of past civilizations. If this is of interest to you, we have designed an archaeological journey for private groups.




Sorolla House-Museum

This museum was the residence and workshop of the famed Valencian painter, Joaquin Sorolla in Madrid. It houses some of his most representative works, such as the Pink Robe (1916), Walk along the Shores of the Sea (1909) and The Horse’s Bath (1909). The house holds the greatest concentration of the painter’s magnificent works all in one area. Another focal point of this visit would be to enjoy the beautiful Andalusian-influenced garden built at the painter’s request.

Inside our VIP experiences, we offer a private visit personally guided by a descendant of the famous painter himself who will convey Sorolla and a more private part of his life. He will also discuss his technique and secrets that will further explain the value and work of this exceptional Valencian painter.




National Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum is concentrated on the biology of Spain and its former colonies. It also showcases temporary exhibits showing the latest findings in Paleontology and geological features with which climate change is detected.




Lázaro Galdiano Museum

This museum houses an important private collection that exhibits paintings, watches, sculptures, antique furniture, more than 20,000 books since 4th century B.C. up until the 20th century. Its is located inside the family’s palace very close to the Salamanca district.




Descalzas Reales Monastery

This museum displays preserved works of art such as tapestries woven in Brussels, an important collection of paintings, reliquaries and the impressive Chapel of Miracle; all thanks to Doña Juana of Austria who donated it all to this monastery in 1559. It became the cloister monastery of widowed princesses and queens which is now more popularly known as a retirement home, where members of the nobility took all their belongings and great works of art here.




Royal Tapestry Factory

It houses collections of antique tapestries and boards, as well as hand-made carpets. Workshops of how the weavers work and their technique can be seen live in the museum. It is the Spanish manufacturer responsible for carpets found in royal palaces and residences as compared to other Belgian and French manufactures. It’s a museum filled with activity.





Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando

With a very comprehensive size, this museum can be enjoyed without the overwhelming crowd of visitors. It is worth the visit to experience the second most important collection of Goya and other masters of the world. It displays over 1500 paintings, 1500 sculptures and 15,000 drawings. Here you will find the only painting by Arcimboldo in Madrid entitled “Springtime” and the engraved plates of Goya, the greatest treasure of National Chalcography.  It is a secret gem in Madrid that is worth exploring and enjoying.




Costume Museum

This is the second most important garment museum in the world, after the one located in Kyoto, Japan. It showcases the historical evolution of clothing over past centuries and its history since the 1600’s until the latest collections of the most important designers of the 20th century with the likes of Chanel, Givenchy and Balenciaga.

One of our private tours will be guided by a garment expert, who will explain the clothing as a historical and contextual concept. We will take you back to the era when the fan, clothing and every accessory had its own way and meaning of wearing it.




Museum of Decorative Arts

15,000 objects that have been collected from different national palaces are exhibited in this museum’s 60 rooms. In addition to domestic articles, there is also a sample eastern (mostly Chinese) objects that were acquired during the reign of King Carlos III.




Museum of America

This museum exhibits pieces brought back to Spain by conquerors. These pieces were brought in since the 15th century and grouped into three sections: Pre-Columbian America, Colonial America and American Ethnology.




Cerralbo Museum

This museum exhibits the collection of art and history that was gathered by the Marquess of Cerralbo. In his own palace that was built in a classical style with Neo-Baroque and Rococo elements – the real attraction are the 50,000 and more paintings, archeological and artistic pieces, postage stamps, coins and clocks that comprises the collection of this family.




Other relevant museums in Madrid

Railway Museum

Municipal Museum

Army National Museum

Naval Museum

Juan March Foundation

Caja Madrid Foundation

La Caixa Foundation

Circle of Fine Arts

The house on fire

Wax Museum

Telefónica Museum

Royal Palace of Madrid

Public Art Museum

Mint Museum

National Museum of Science and Technology

City Museum

Geometrical Museum

History Museum

Case Museum Lope de Vela

Museum of Romanticism

Telecommunications Museum

Mapfre Recoletos Foundation

Conde Duque Cultural Center

ABC Museum




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