Dolmenes y Cromlechs en España y Portugal en viaje arqueológico

Archaeological Journey

Travel Through Time

We have designed a trip through time that will take you to ancient civilizations, immerse you in exotic cultures and forgotten rites, and have you discover art that has survived the last thousand years.

Travel back to the origin of everything: The beginning of humanity.

Delight in the local cuisine from different locations and discover new flavors, new textures and unaltered sensations. Unlock your senses to new music, to aromas imbued with antiquity and sensations trapped within the rocks. Experience the thrill of dining under the stars in unique places that will take your breath away.

Take part in workshops filled with creativity where you can learn how to make a fire and tools that were used in the beginning of time.

We have prepared an unprecedented luxury trip that has never been done before: Time travel through the Iberian Peninsula, guided by archaeologists that have dedicated their lives to exploring and excavating the past buried through time.

You will pay a visit to Dolmens, which are prehistoric tombs that will shed light on life during forgotten times, deposits with rock art, the largest Cromlech built in the Neolithic period found in Europe. You will also discover the Roman colony of Augusta Emerita (present day Merida) which will lead you to an authentic journey back in time.


With our Time Travel Tour through Spain and Portugal, you will visit archaeological sites and dolmens that are even older than the Egyptian pyramids. You will travel along with archaeologists that have discovered the latest archaeological finds.

You will see proof that art has been present since the beginning of man, thanks to the need to create a different form of communication and storytelling of all the beauty that surrounded him. Throughout the archaeological journey in Spain and Portugal, you will discover that we are not so different from the ancient “homo sapiens” as you return to the origin of everything.

Discover the art, the ancient way of life, the unique habits and customs of forgotten civilizations while visiting the best archaeological sites, some of which cannot be accessed on your own.

Travel back thousands of years and learn about human history and the ancient civilizations that have populated and settled in Spain with the guidance of our passionate archaeological that will take you to another world and time.  

Take a memorable journey through ancient prehistoric times, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman world, Visigoth, Islamic period and the Middle Ages.

Historical periods included in this archaeological journey:

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This is not your conventional trip, but you will fully experience a transformative journey that will change the way you see the world.

You will participate in workshops and shows where you can see how the first man made fire, their first tools, cheese are other discoveries.

Everyday, there will be an organized “concept” lunch or dinner in a place related to the itinerary. Dine in a “half-cave” lit by torches while listening to ancient music, or Roman amphitheatres privatized especially just for your group, whilst enjoying the best gastronomy and local wine we have to offer. Enjoy the splendid views from the best terraces while listening to intoxicating lectures that will make you see travelling in a different manner in order to experience new things.

Tour Itinerary

joya del periodo calcolítico viaje arqueológico

Tour Itinerary

burgos atapuerca

Day 1

Madrid – Burgos

Prehistoria Antigua: Visita al Yacimiento de Atapuerca y su museo.

Ancient Prehistory: Visit the Atapuerca site and its museum.

In 2000, UNESCO declared the deposits found in the  mountains of Atapuerca a World Heritage Site.

Fossil remains and evidence of five different Hominin species have been discovered in these sites: “Homo Sp” (yet to be determined 1,300,000 years), “Homo Antecesor” (850,000 years), “Preneandertal” (500,000 years), “Homo neanderthalensis” (50,000 years) and “Homo sapiens”.

Participate in some shows and workshops.

Spend the night in Burgos.

Day 2


Travel to the magnificent caves in Cantabria its beautiful works of rock art.

Spend the night in Puente Viesgo.

viaje en el tiempo prehistoria
viaje en el tiempo paleolitico

Day 3

Palaeolithic Period – Prehistory

This day will be dedicated to see the two jewels of rock art: Tito Bustillo and Pindal.

Tito Bustillo is one of the most important caves that represent Palaeolithic art. You will learn about when this cave was discovered, its geological value, who inhabited it and the rock art that is still preserved inside.

Participate in workshops.

Spend the night in Oviedo.

Day 4


Visit a Celtic settlement in Galicia (populations dating back to the iron age) and deposits of Petroglyphs (rock art on rocks from Prehistory).

Spend the night in Santiago de Compostela.

viaje en el tiempo santiago compostela
viaje en el tiempo ponferrada

Day 5

Roman Empire

Pay a visit to Las Médulas

Delight yourself in the unique landscape of extraordinary beauty, while having the opportunity to learn about the complicated system of gold exploitation led by the Romans in this mine. This resort has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

SIts reddish picture simulates a mysterious and winding landscape.

Enjoy a free afternoon in Ponferrada with an opportunity to visit the Templar castle.

Spend the night in Ponferrada.

Day 6


Go to the Archaeological Park For Coa (Portugal)

The Vale do Coa is the largest set of open-air Paleolithic Rock Art known today. There are various rock art stations where you can have a glimpse of the first artistic displays of human history along hundreds of rock surfaces that have been engraved outdoors.

It is also an area that is of great relevance in wine and gastronomy where you will be able to fully enjoy both in a special place.

Spend the night in Guarda, Portugal.

viaje en el tiempo guarda portugal
viaje en el tiempo cromlech almendres

Day 7

Neolithic and Chalcolithic period

Travel to Evora and visit to the Cromlech of Almendres and Anta Grande de Zambujeiro.

The Almendres Cromlech is a spectacular set of menhirs that consists of a total of 95 monoliths arranged in two concentric circles. Some menhirs have schematic and geometric engravings. Further away, there is a menhir that is about four meters high. Recent studies have proven that these monoliths still remain in their original positions, dating back when they were built between the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods.

On the other hand, the “Anta Grande do Zambujeiro: is the largest dolmen to be found in Europe.

This great dolmen is located amidst a beautiful field of wildflowers and bushes. It is made up of orthostats six meters in height that form part of a huge tomb that is more than 50 meters in diameter.

Spend the night in Evora.

Day 8

Neolithic and Chalcolithic Period

Travel to Almendralejo to visit “Huerta  Montero” and the dolmen that is located there dating back to the Chalcolithic period, which speaks about the spirituality of the civilisations in prehistory. The dolmen excavator himself will share his experience and findings to you.

You will then pay a visit to the Wine Science Museum and enjoy some food at the bullring that is privately and especially prepared for your group.

Visit the Lacara Dolmen in the afternoon.

Spend the night in Merida.

viaje en el tiempo neolitico calcolitico
viaje en el tiempo merida

Day 9

Roman Empire

Visit Augusta Emerita, the Roman Merida.

Today, you will travel to the Roman Empire while visiting the ancient Emerita Augusta.

Explore the theatre and amphitheatre, the temple of Diana and the National Museum with our archaeologists. Take a walk along the Roman bridge.

In the afternoon, take the time to enjoy in a unique spa and do as the Romans do while taking a relaxing bath in the exceptional pools that are perfectly preserved and in full use up to this day.

The house of the amphitheatre is on the verge of opening.

Spend the night in Merida.

Day 10 – Free day in Merida

Day 11

Visigoth Period

The next historical period is the Visigoth Period. To get to know this period, you will visit the only preserved Visigoth basilica still found in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, Santa Lucia del Trampal, the Visigoth collection, Santa Eulalia and the Xenodoquio.

Spend the night in Cáceres.

viaje en el tiempo visigodo
viaje en el tiempo caceres

Day 12

The Roman Empire and Medieval Period

Take a tour of Cáceres and visit the archaeological museum, where you will find its spectacular cistern and the Roman Camp of Cáceres el Viejo with its center of interpretation.

You will have the afternoon free which could be an opportunity to have a lovely dinner in Atrio, a two michellin star restaurant and the most famous in Spain.

Spend the night in Cáceres.

Day 13

Return to Madrid

En route to Madrid, we will make a stop to see the national monument of “Los Barruecos.”

Arrival to Madrid and the end of the tour services.

viaje en el tiempo barruecos

General specification of the service being rendered

Groups of approximately 60 people

4- to 5-star hotels with breakfast

Transfers in luxury buses

Visits to sites, museums and other attractions

Meetings with excavators and directors of historical sites

Tours are organized and conducted by archaeologists and specialists in the area

Interactive practical workshops

Private lunches and dinners in extraordinary locations

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