Madrid’s Rastro – A VIP Tour of Madrid

The most interesting flea and antique market in Madrid


As any other elegant city worth its salt, Madrid Experience has a traditional antiques and flea market tour  where you will also find collector’s objects, and second-hand items and Madrid Experience wants you to get to know El Rastro, as it is known, as well as our experts do.

Here you will find the most ancient of sellers, who date back to a time when old clothes were sold here in the XIV century around Estudios street, near the Plaza del Cascorro and who have seen their market evolve into what it is today.

You will also find those who will sell just about anything on the street and they mix with the bargain-hunters in search of real relics. They are the most mysterious of sellers and only people who frequent this place know about them. They make deals in semi clandestine places on pieces whose value we can’t even imagine.

And here are, as should be, the gypsy women who sell lottery ticket, those who serve the best glasses of beer in Madrid, men selling churros, vintage posters from the 1920s, sneakers from 60 years ago, jade rosaries or… the choices are limitless!
With Madrid Experience’s Antiques Tour you will learn about the most mysterious stores, those who don’t show up on any city guide and have been purveying all sorts of treasures to their clients for years.

The Rastro market operates only on Sundays and it is filled with traditional stores, original businesses, ancient stores, musicians, toy makers, shoe cobblers &c.
Madrid Experience’s VIP Tour of the Rastro will take you to explore one of Madrid’s unique neighborhoods where taking a stroll, or purchasing all sorts of decoration items or museum pieces, is an art.

But Madrid has several other neighborhoods which are interesting. Let us take you to Old Madrid, or Salamanca neighborhood with its “golden mile”, where the city’s most expensive and exclusive stores are found, or busy Preciados street, Chueca neighborhood, or Madrid’s literary area par excellence: the Letras neighborhood.

Madrid Experience offers you a bespoke tour of any neighborhood you may want to see.


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