Goya´s Madrid Tour

If Toledo was masterfully captured by El Greco, then Goya did much the same with Madrid. The painter captured some of the most famous ‘postcard’ images of the city when he worked at the Royal Tapestry Factory. Paintings such as ‘La Pradera de San Isidro’ (The Meadow of San Isidro) are still one of the city’s most iconic images.

Goya was very interested in presenting his particular vision of the capital and leave its impression in our mind. The Prado Museum holds the largest collection of his paintings in the world, so we can follow his steps and unveil what his paintings hide with a VIP Tour of Goya’s Madrid.

We know that much of his work is found at the Royal Palace, El Pardo Palace, the Royal Tapestry Factory, or the Royal Academy of San Fernando, where he studied. Goya captured several of Spain’s local festivities and if we take you to the Las Ventas bullring and immerse you in Spain’s traditions you will see his legacy upon the country’s popular festivities in paintings which reflect bullfighting’s culture.

During our VIP Tour of Goya’s Madrid we will tell you about his love for women. He married Josefa Bayeau, whom we believe is the woman in one of his portraits where the model was not named. Certainly enigmatic. As was his, so they say, troubled relationship with Leocadia Zorrilla, who took care of him during his French exile even though they didn’t get along too well. Or his friendship with the Countess of Chinchón, María Teresa de Bourbon, or, his famous relationship with the Duchess of Alba, believed by many to be the woman depicted on the Naked Maja painting.
And just as mysterious is the whereabouts of his skull, which some people think rests next to his beloved Duchess. Everything is as peculiar as his life was, that of a poor painter who got rich, an ignorant man who became a cultured character, something which our guide knows all about.


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