The Californian Massage

One of the most demanded massages


Massages, along with other ancient forms of relaxation such as yoga and meditation have been introduced in our lives in order to enjoy it even further.

Having a massage is beneficial to the improvement of our health and beauty by helping us disconnect and recharge at a faster pace from the daily grind. It is essential to achieve balance in the body and mind, therefore some experts recommend having a massage and repeating this healthy habit at least once a month for the care and well-being of our bodies in the physcial, mental and spiritual sense.


In Madrid Experience, we would like to offer our clients original and alternative activities for ultimate pleasure and relaxation during your unforgettable stay in Madrid. We wish to provide you with complementary experiences to revitalize your body and mind after a day of walking and exploration.


The sensation you will receive in physical, mental and spiritual aspects, along with the calm, yet reflective energy that the Californian massage provides has made it one of the most well-sought out massages in the world. Spain and Argentina are two of the few countries where professional massage therapists are able to work and complete this demanding service.



What is the origin of the Californian massage?


The Californian massage goes by the principles of the Esalen Institute located in Baja California. Founded in 1962, the institute investigated and played a key role in the human potential movement that focuses on a mind-body connection from a holistic point of view. The massage is characterized by the application of integrating long and slow passes as a basis of creating a wide range of deep contact techniques.


Since the 1960’s, this massage has continuously evolved and incorporated newer techniques such as soft stretches, deep tissue work and passive movements to further improve this holistic experience, making it one of the most complete massages available in the market. Since it affects not only the physical aspect of the body, but the mind as well – this massage plays a part on life’s philosophy. Love, understanding, vulnerability and non-judgement will also be worked on while having this massage, hence the complete healing experience of mind and body.



What are the benefits of the Californian massage?


The Californian massage is a deep and relaxing experience that provides relief from chronic pains and muscle contractions. It alleviates blockages and widens the range of joint motions, giving better posture depending on each body type.


Part of its success in providing extreme peace and relaxation is the important role that  the masseuse plays. The stillness found in the masseuse’s mind should connect with the person receiving the massage, allowing them to reach into a joint meditative state focused on natural breathing. It is performed by a form of body work that uses hands, elbows and forearms, while the masseuse uses essential oils to aid in the fluidity and quality of contact.


Because of these benefits, the person receiving the massage will experience an energetic enhancement, higher awareness, increase in productivity, and a relief from stress and anxiety.


The Californian massage is definitely one of the most demanded massages of today because of the magical formula it provides in combining elements of massage with traditional ancient techniques such as Ayurveda, yoga and meditation – making each massage a unique and complete experience.

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