The Best Wine Cellars in Spain

Wine Tours in La Rioja and Ribera del Duero

The Best Wine Cellars in Spain. Our Wine Tours and Gourmet Experiences in Spain take place in private estates and family-run cellars and in them the host and owner of the vineyards, takes part to ensure you feel their passion for wine and the land they tend to daily.


Madrid Experience will take you to see some of Spain’s best cellars. You can choose between the best-known ones, or, as wine connoisseur, you may want to visit the most select cellars in the country. These surprising private places are usually family-run and, given their private character, are out of the reach of the public at large.


Our bespoke Wine Tours of the wine-growing regions of La Rioja and Ribera del Duero center around areas especially selected because of the excellence of their wines and the history behind them.

There is the Spanish geography, an important number of wine cellars that have bet on hiring renowned architects for the design of their wineries. These generally high-end wineries are considered by many as a “must” within a wine day or a trip specializing in wines and vineyards.

On the other hand, there are wineries of great tradition and many of them are still in family hands;  some of these wineries have underground cellars that are authentic relics back from the 15th century and that are witnesses of the production of quality wine for generations.

Each winery has its own history and slightly different methods of wine production.  Wine unites and predisposes communication and sharing stories.

In our wine days, we coordinate and organize private visits to a mix of different wineries and enrich them with experiences related to the world of wine from the hands of our collaborators.


Below are some of the Wine Cellars in Spain and most representative wineries based on their architecture and/or tradition. In our Wine Tours we include some other favorite Wine Cellars that are not included in this list.   Our mission is to provide value and design for you an unforgettable wine day to make you live and taste the essence of the best wines of Spain.


Wine cellars famous for their Architecture

Marqués de Riscal designed by architect Frank Gehry in La Rioja

Bodegas Ysios designed by architect Santiago Calatrava in La Rioja

Protos designed by architect Richard Rogers

Portia designed by Norman Foster


Wine cellars famous for their tradition and great wines

Lopez de Heredia and Voiña Tondonia (in La Rioja)

Vivanco Dynasty (has a large wine museum in La Rioja)

Eguren Ugarte (in La Rioja)

Bodegas Ostatu (in La Rioja)

Bodegas Baigorri (in La Rioja)

Matarromera (in Ribera del Duero)

Arzuaga (in the Ribera del Duero)

Pesquera (in the Ribera del Duero)


Family-run wine cellars

Luis Cañas Family (in La Rioja)

Bodegas Altutiz (in La Rioja)


Our itineraries, which will be tailor-made to your specifications and availability (1, 2, 3, or 4 days), can be further enriched with other extraordinary experiences which depend solely on the dates chosen for your private Wine Tour. What do we mean by extraordinary? We mean about that unique moment of the treading of the grapes over a stone press to drink the freshest must you have ever tried, or even some wine therapy at a nearby spa. You will also be able to sample some of the best local cuisine the Rioja region has to offer right at the winery, taking in the feeling of being out in the open, enjoying the sun and the open air. We can also organize a wine tasting course, where you will learn about the different types of grapes and try to predict what kind of wine will be made from then, something which is as of yet greatly unexplored as a part of enotourism.

Our VIP Wine Tour includes transportation in luxury, chauffer-driven automobiles, and meals at the best restaurants in the region where you will be able to enjoy the region’s famous cuisine. Being able to enjoy the countryside and feel nature about you in a real vineyard is certainly a luxury, but one which Madrid Experience places at your reach. Come and enjoy with us the cultural legacy of wine. Discover with us the best wine cellars in Spain


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