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Wine culture day. The best experiences in life happen just like the best times do, unexpectedly and almost by chance, whilst enjoying a bottle of wine with friends. But what if we get somebody to tell us what is behind a good glass of wine? How it was made? And, most importantly, get them to give us some tips on how to learn to enjoy each bottle of wine we drink? A private Wine Tasting Class sounds good, doesn’t it? But, who could help us with this experience? Who can help us organize an unforgettable Wine Cultural Day at the Ribera del Duero?


That was the starting point of what promised to be an unforgettable weekend which captivated everyone. There were 15 people and Paloma took care of everything. They contacted Madrid Experience and from that moment on we started looking for something which would become an exclusive experience and a bespoke wine tour at the same time. It was important to achieve a rich experience that encompassed many concepts but wasn’t tiresome in the slightest, where basic wine concepts would be understood by participants and they all had a fun and entertaining experience.


We chose a cellar from the Ribera del Duero area to carry out this experience which took place in welcoming rural surroundings with all manner of amenities within reach. Paloma’s group was captivated by a wine-themed, 4 star hotel, a top quality restaurant, a family-owned winery with a spectacular vineyard were guests felt right at home, and personal care and attention, all of which ensured they were anxious to start this experience.


It all happened naturally, where questions were answered at a friendly pace. The group had the chance to do a wine tasting, where barrels of as-yet-unfinished wines stood next to others were the wines were at different stages of their maturing process. They also learned first-hand about the work involved at a winery throughout the year. A long and relaxed visit which was just a prelude to the wine tasting class.


Throughout the class there was time for laughter as well as more serious issues, time to experiment with the aromatic wheels, learn about the defects of wine, wine growing and wine making, and even types of corks and barrels. The group tasted all the cellar’s wines and finished having a drink and chatting about their questions regarding wine. It was an incredible weekend which was further enhanced by their newly-found knowledge of wine and the traditional meal they were served: lamb roasted in a wood oven, doused slightly in, of course, Ribera del Duero wine –the perfect pairing. But we will talk about that some other day.


Xandra, Madrid Experience’s sommelier.


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