There is no question that traveling opens up new horizons, culturally as well as gastronomically, and with Madrid Experience’s VIP cooking class you will be able to take home with you a bit of Spain’s famous culinary culture.


As heir to multiple civilizations, and combining elements as distant as the tomatoes and potatoes which came from America, Persia’s rice –which the Arabs brought with them to Spain– or the dried fruits common to Judaism, among others, Spanish cooking today is considered to be one of the most famous cuisines in the world.


Madrid Experience can add that extra element to your visit to the capital by organizing a VIP Spanish cooking class, where our chef will let you in on some of the secrets of this ancient discipline in his private kitchen, thus ensuring that you will be able to enjoy it at your pace. Hence, aside from your trip’s memories, you will have taken back with you an experience which will be yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.


You won’t need to worry about ingredients since Madrid Experience will provide everything you may need to ensure you make the most of your VIP Spanish cooking class. And, although it is true that certain recipes need a lot of preparation and attention, it is just as true that Spanish cuisine also has some delicious, and very easy to make, dishes.


Madrid Experience’s chef will show you how to make dishes such as the famous ‘tortilla de patatas’ (potato omelette), which nobody really knows where in Spain it comes from but which every region of the country sees as its own creation, or Spain’s most international dish to date: Paella.


And if you like, your VIP Spanish cooking class can also show you how to create some delicious tapas, such as a ‘croquette pincho’ or a stuffed pepper tapa.


Madrid Experience can organize a VIP cooking class which you can fully customize at your will, choosing the dishes you want to learn to make, be they simple or more complicated, and those coming from the region that interests you most, since Spanish cuisine is known for its strong regional dishes which include Galicia’s ‘a feira’ octopus, to Madrid’s famous stew: cocido madrileño. Not forgetting about the country’s gastronomic powerhouses: the Basque country’s haut cuisine, and Catalonia’s nouvelle cuisine. You will be able to choose from among a great variety of menus which will allow you to create a full meal during your class, and, of course, aside from learning to cook these dishes, you will then be able to eat them, accompanied by an excellent glass of wine.


And if you want to learn about avant-garde cuisine’s best-kept secrets, Madrid Experience offers you the chance to organize a private class with a Michelin star chef.


All the secrets of the season’s most interesting dishes will be at your reach so you can return home and prepare, if you so wish, all that you learned at Madrid Experience’s VIP Spanish cooking class.


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